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Full & Half-Circle Electrodes, Models FCE & HCE by Tinker & Rasor

Spring Electrodes for Faster Inspection of Pipeline Coatings

Full & Half-Circle Electrodes, Models FCE & HCE by Tinker & Rasor

Availability: Call for availability

Product Name Part Number Price Qty
T&R, 3/4" - 1 1/2" HALF CIRCLE, #055-001 04-19102
T&R, 2" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-002 04-19104
T&R, 3" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-003 04-19106
T&R, 4" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-004 04-19108
T&R, 6" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-006 04-19110
T&R, 8" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-008 04-19112
T&R, 10" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-010 04-19113
T&R, 12" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-012 04-19114
T&R, 14" HALF CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-014 04-19117
T&R, 4" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-040 04-19118
T&R, 6" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-060 04-19120
T&R, 8" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-080 04-19122
T&R,10" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-100 04-19124
T&R,12" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-120 04-19126
T&R,14" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-140 04-19128
T&R,16" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-160 04-19130
T&R,18" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-180 04-19132
T&R,22" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-220 04-19133
T&R,20" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-200 04-19134
T&R,24" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-240 04-19136
T&R,26" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-260 04-19138
T&R, 28" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-280 04-19139
T&R,30" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-300 04-19140
T&R,36" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-360 04-19142
T&R,32" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-320 04-19143
T&R,38" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-380 04-19145
T&R,42" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-420 04-19146
T&R,40" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-400 04-19147
T&R,48" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-480 04-19148
T&R,34" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-340 04-19153
T&R,2" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTROD,#055-025 04-19154
T&R,4" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTROD,#055-045 04-19156
T&R,44" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-440 04-19157
T&R,6" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTROD,#055-065 04-19158
T&R,46" FULL CIRCLE ELECTRODE,#055-460 04-19159
T&R,8" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTROD,#055-085 04-19160
T&R,10" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-105 04-19161
T&R,12" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-125 04-19162
T&R,14" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-155 04-19163
T&R,16" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-165A 04-19164
T&R,24" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-245 04-19165
T&R,36" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-365 04-19166
T&R,32" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-325 04-19167
T&R,34" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-345 04-19168
T&R,18" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-185 04-19171
T&R,20" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-205 04-19173
T&R,22" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTRO,#055-225 04-19182
T&R, 26" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTR,#055-265 04-19183
T&R, 28" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTR,#055-285 04-19184
T&R, 30" SILICONE BRUSH ELECTR,#055-305 04-19185


The Tinker & Rasor Full-Circle and the Half-Circle Rolling Spring Electrodes are manufactured from square cut, high quality stainless steel wire, coiled into 1-1/4 inch diameter coils. These square cut wire electrode springs are tightly controlled for longitudinal stretch so their own weight does not cause air gaps between each coil or sagging when in a properly applied inspection position. Electrode couplings are pre-packed with high grade lubricant to insure long lasting, free-wheeling of the electrode on the pipe under the most adverse conditions.
The Half-Circle solid steel support brackets are cadmium plated to help prevent corrosion. The flexibility of Coil Spring Electrodes allows intimate contact between the electrode and the coated surface. These precision made inspection tools are designed to work in conjunction with Tinker & Rasor High Voltage Holiday Detectors in applying high voltage to the protective coated surface of the pipe for detection of holidays.

Full-Circle Electrodes
Model FCE
Half-Circle Electrodes
Model HCE

The Tinker & Rasor Full-Circle Electrodes are designed to fit properly around the circumference of a coated pipe to afford complete inspection of the coating's continuity in a single pass of the electrode over the coated surface. Full-Circle Electrodes are available for all pipe sizes from 4" (100 mm) and up. This type electrode is most commonly used for the inspection of protective coatings applied to steel pipe or pen stocks where the steel cylinder is elevated sufficiently to allow the spring electrode to pass over the coated cylinder without touching the ground surface underneath when very few, if any, skids are used.

The Tinker & Rasor Half-Circle Electrodes are designed to fit snug against the coated pipe and covers approximately 190o of the pipe circumference with each pass. This allows rapid inspection of the protective coating particularly when the pipe is positioned on skids. Inspection speeds are greatly increased since the inspection electrode can be quickly maneuvered around pipe supports. Although both sides of the pipe must be traversed for complete inspection coverage, it is usually faster than using a full-circle electrode. The pipe support areas can be inspected later during lowering in operations in the same expeditious manner. Available for all pipe diameters form 1/2" up. Special orders on sizes 10" are available for rapid shipment.


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