Model 28 II EX Intrinsically Safe True-RMS Multimeter by Fluke

Rugged & Reliable. Intrinsically Safe Digital Multimeter. Survives a 10 ft. Drop.


Now there’s one intrinsically safe digital multimeter (DMM) you can use in IIC (gas), in Zone 1 and 2 and IIIC (dust), Zone 21 and 22. Whether you work in petroleum, chemical, or pharmaceutical environments, all the test and troubleshooting power you need is packed into the most rugged intrinsically safe (IS) DMM Fluke has ever built. The Fluke 28 II Ex is also waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof. You’ll be equipped to handle any situation, inside and outside of hazardous zones, without compromising compliance or measurement performance.


Intrinsic safety plus regulatory approvals

The 28 II Ex carries Ex certifications from the world’s leading certification bodies

28 II Ex I.S. Certifications

  • IECEx Ex ia IIC T4 Gb, Ex ia IIIC T130 °C Db, I M1 Ex ia I Ma

28 II Ex safety and regulatory compliance

  • ISA-82.02.01
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04 /UL61010-1:2004, and TUV 61010-1:2001
  • CE

The Fluke 28 II Ex is the most rugged IS DMM you can buy

  • A completely sealed, IP67 rated case
  • Withstands drops up to 10 feet or 3 meters (with holster)
  • Dustproof per IEC60529 IP6x
  • Waterproof per IEC60529 IPx7
  • Meets IEC Overvoltage Electrical Safety Standard No. 61010-1:2001Reversible holster for added protection of the display when not in use
    • Measurement Category III, 1000V, Pollution Degree 2
    • Measurement Category IV, 600V, Pollution Degree 2

All the measurement functions of our most popular industrial DMMs

One tool equips you with all the testing and troubleshooting power you need wherever you go––inside or outside ATEX zones 1,2,21, or 22. No need to carry different meters for different areas, or worry about crossing through an Ex-required zone with a non-Ex rated instrument.

  • 4-1/2 digit mode for precise measurements (20,000 counts)
  • True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurement on nonlinear signals
  • Measures up to 1000V and 10A ac and dc (note that Ex zones require reduced measurements)
  • Low pass filter ensures accurate voltage and frequency measurements on variable speed motor drives (VSDs)
  • Frequency to 200 kHz and % duty cycle to help you diagnose VSDs and switching power supplies
  • Resistance, continuity and diode test
  • 10,000 μF capacitance range for components and motor caps
  • Conductance measurements for high resistance or leakage tests
  • Min/Max-Average and Peak capture to record transients and variations automatically
  • Relative mode to remove test lead interference on resistance measurements
  • Auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility
  • Input Alert protects you by chirping and flashing “Lead when leads are plugged into the wrong inputs

Easy to use

Important extras keep you productive all day long in less than optimal conditions.

  • Backlit keypad buttons provide extra visibility in poorly lit areas, even when you’re wearing full PPE
  • Large display digits and 2-level bright white backlight also increases visibility
  • Long battery life – 400 hours typical without backlight (Alkaline)
  • Optional magnetic hanger for easy setup and viewing while freeing your hands for other tasks

Easy to service in the field

Access to the separate battery compartment makes it easy to change batteries or fuses without jeopardizing instrument calibration.


Accuracy Specifications
Accuracy specifications are shown as +/- (% of reading + number of digits)
DC voltage Range 0.1 mV to 1000 V
Accuracy ±0.05 % + 1
AC voltage Range 0.1 mV to 1000 V
Accuracy ±0.7 % +4
DC current Range 0.1 μA to 10 A
Accuracy ±0.2 % + 4
AC current Range 0.1 μA to 10 A
Accuracy ±1.0 % + 2
Resistance Range 0.1 Ω to 50 MΩ
Accuracy ±(0.2 % + 1)
Conductance Range 60.00 nS
Accuracy ±(1.0 % + 10)
Diode test Range 2.0 V
Accuracy ± (2.0 % + 1)
Duty cycle Range 0.0 % to 99.9 %
Accuracy Within ±(0.2 % per kHz + 0.1 %) for rise times <1 µs
Capacitance Range 10 nF to 9999 μF
Accuracy ±(1.0 % + 2)
Frequency Range 0.5 Hz to 199.99 kHz
Accuracy ±(0.005 % + 1)
Temperature Range -200 °C to +1090 °C (-328 °F to +1994 °F)
Accuracy ±(1.0 % + 10) °C [±(1.0 % + 10) °F]
Display counts 6000 counts/19,999 counts in high-resolution mode
Peak capture Record transients up to 250 us
Min/Max/Avg recording Display signals up to approximately 100 ms
Note Accuracy specifications are shown as +/- (% of reading + number of digits)
Safety Certifications
ATEX II 2 G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb
II 2 D Ex ia IIIC T130 °C Db
I M1 Ex ia I Ma
NEC-500 Class I, Div 1, Groups A-D, 130 °C
IEXEx Ex ia IIC T4 Gb
Ex ia IIIC T130 °C Db
Ex ia I Ma
GOST R Ex Overvoltage protection: Measurement Category III, 1000V, Pollution Degree 2
Measurement Category IV, 600V, Pollution Degree 2
IP rating IP67
General Specifications
Three AAA batteries
Battery life: 400 hours
Display LCD, with backlight
External protection Rubber holster
Warranty Three years
Size with holster
6.35 cm x 10.0 cm x 19.81 cm
(2.5 in x 3.93 in x 7.8 in)
Weight with holster 698.5 g (1.54 lb)