Model TR-3 Cathodic Protection Test Rectifier, Air Cooled, by Universal Rectifiers

Portable C.P. Conventional Rectifier, 60V-30A DC Output, Solid State Interrupter.


The Farwest model TR-3 air cooled cathodic protection test rectifier, manufactured by Universal Rectifiers, Inc., is a portable cathodic protection power supply used for a variety of CP field test scenarios. Provided with a 60 volt, 30 amp maximum DC output in 18 steps of adjustment, and solid state variable interrupter, the TR-3 is capable of providing a wide range of portable DC power. 

Standard Rectifier Features
  • DC output of 60 volts, 30 amps
  • Tool box style cabinet with carrying handle
  • 24” long x 9” high x 8” deep
  • Approximately forty-five (45) pounds
  • 18-step voltage control link bar taps
  • Solid state timer relay for interruption
  • Accessible front panel Total precision shunt
  • Magnetic AC Input circuit breaker
  • Magnetic AC Secondary Breakers (instead of fuses)
  • Hoyt model 17-3 volt and amp meters
  • All electrical connections are double-nutted or soldered