Wet Film Coating Thickness Gauge, Model 790 by Nordson

Four gauge faces use progressively sized grooves to indicate full and fractional mil increments.

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Nordson 790 Wet Film Coating Thickness Gauge
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Wet Film Gauge (.5 - 20 Mil), Model 790-010 by Nordson
Wet Film Gauge (4 - 60 Mil), Model 790-015 by Nordson


  1. Select the lowest scale on the gauge revolving gauge block until the markers to be used are perpendicular to the copy stamped on the gauge handle.
  2. Firmly and squarely set the scale on wet film to be measured immediately after application. Make certain the outside anvils rest firmly on the object.
  3. Withdraw the scale and examine markers.
  4. If all markers have touched the paint, move up to the next higher scale.
  5. Continue this procedure until a marker is void of paint. Wet film thickness is equal to the last marker touched.

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790 010     Gauge Wet Film, 0.5 - 20 mils  1
790 015     Gauge Wet Film, 4 - 60 mils 1