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Survey Probe with Data Button, Model SPB-100 by Farwest

Accepts most half-cells and connects to most 3-pin data ports and/or data collector remote trigger port.

Availability: In stock

Part Number: 04-29907



  • Fully wired and ready to use.
  • Direct data entry button.
  • Compatible with most data collectors.
  • Accepts most half-cell/electrode body and tip.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable in height to accommodate most surveyors.
  • Compresses to 38 inches for easier storage.



Adjustable in height from 38 to 47 inches.


1.2 lbs (without half-cell body and tip).


Aluminum tubing.


Heavy-duty non-slip vinyl for strength and durability contoured, ribbed surfaced with flange.


Multi-conductor cord with each conductor being standard tinned copper, with poly-propylene insulation with an outer PVC jacket. Wire is 28 awg 7/36 strand. Current rating 0.5 amp with a maximum working voltage of 120 volts.

Cord Connections

3-pin jack for connecting with data collector’s remote trigger port. Right angle stackable banana plug.

Cord Length

One foot long coiled cord length expandable to five feet.

Half-Cell Connections

1/4” dia by 2-1/8” long solid copper rod mounted in the half-cell body coupler. Half-cell threaded body coupler is compatible with most half-cell bodies.

Data Entry

Wired with a rain resistant data entry button located in the top of the survey probe hand grip.


Fully wired to connect with most data collectors/meters with remote data entry by the data entry button.

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