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Pit Gage and Pipe Thickness Gage By W. R. Thorpe

Handy Instrument for Standardizing Judgment of Pipe Condition

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Product Name Part Number Price Qty
Thorpe Pipe Thickness Gage 120-15998
Pit Gage By W. R. Thorpe 120-16002
Thorpe Pipe Thickness Gage
For Measuring Wall Thickness of Pipe or Plate
                                                 Front Face of Gage                                            Back Face of Gage

The W. R. Thorpe Pipe Thickness Gage can be used to great advantage by pipeliners, warehousemen, plumbers, pipe and plate fabricators, buyers or any one required to measure the thickness of pipe or plate. The Gage is easy to use, has only one moving part and registers accurately to within ±0.005". The scale is graduated in both fractional and decimal inches and will measure thicknesses from 0" to 5/8'. The Gage Gage is vest pocket size, 6-5/16" long by 2-7/8" wide and is made of highly polished .0478" stainless steel. Gages are supplied with a leather carrying case.

The reverse side of the Gage provides a table which lists weights per foot, wall thicknesses and schedule numbers of 67 different nominal sizes of pipe, from 2-inch .154" wall to 30-inch .500" wall. It also lists decimal inch equivalents of Birmingham wire gage numbers. The Pipe Thickness Gage is a companion tool of the pipe Pit Gage shown below.

Thorpe Pipe Pit Gage
Handy Instrument for Standardizing Judgment of Pipe Condition

The Gage fits neatly into a leather case, and can be easily carried in one's pocket. It will serve as a constant guide for judging the condition of pipe. Useful formulas, tables, and data giving O.D., wall thickness, and weight per foot for various sizes of pipe are etched on the Gage. It should be in the hands of every field superintendent, engineer or fore­man working with pipe.

The Pipe Pit Gage is made of .050" highly polished Stainless Steel - is about 2-11/16" wide and 5-1/4" long, which is vest-pocket size. It weighs 8 oz. The indicator arm has a stylus which fits into the pits of pipe being measured. A guide is fastened to the Gage to protect and guide the indicator arm. The scale on the right of the guide is shown as an arc and is ex­pressed in sixteenths of an inch and in mils.

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