Copper-Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Maintenance

Copper-Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Maintenance

Portable copper-copper reference electrodes require maintenance to maintain the integrity of readings taken when using the electrode. 

Maintenance should be done on a periodic basis depending on how often the electrode is used or the conditions in which it is used.  A good rule of thumb for rejuvenating an electrode is when the copper sulfate liquid inside the electrode becomes “milky” as the color should be a very bright blue.


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Meet Morph, the Farwest Superhero

Meet Morph, Farwest’s corrosion fighting superhero.  Morph represents Farwest’s ability to provide an almost endless variety of corrosion control and cathodic protection solutions. 

Morph has the superhero ability to “morph” into different products or service solutions based on the needs of our customers. 

Watch for Morph on our website, on social media postings and at upcoming conferences, where you can have your photo taken with him. 

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Farwest Current December 2021

Platline Zinc Ribbon Anodes

Zinc ribbon anodes are used for a variety of applications in our industry including sacrificial cathodic protection, grounding and AC mitigation. Plattline ribbon is available in four cross-sectional sizes and various reel lengths to fit project needs.  

Manufactured by Platt Brothers, Plattline is the only US-made zinc ribbon product and is superior to zinc ribbon made elsewhere. 

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Understanding Cathodic Protection Test Stations

The Purpose of a CP Test Station The main purpose of a cathodic protection (CP) test station is to provide an access point to terminate cables from a buried structure (pipeline) to take electrical measurements or readings on that structure.  Because it is impractical to excavate the structure every time a measurement must be taken, a test station is used to provided electrical access to the structure, via connecting cables, to obtain needed CP data.  In its most basic form, a test station is simply an enclosure (above or at grade) with cable connecting points that allow cables from a buried structure, such as a pipeline, to be terminated.  This electrical access to the structure allows technicians to perform necessary CP tests.  In addition to structure access, a test station can also allow a technician to monitor other CP components such as an anode, a stationary reference electrode, or a CP coupon.
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Farwest Difference Between HP and H1 Magnesium Anodes

Physical Appearance
High potential (HP or M1) magnesium anodes and standard potential (AZ) magnesium anodes look alike.  There is very little, if any, physical difference between the two anodes.  While there is certainly a difference in the chemistry or alloy and their performance, you cannot tell the difference by just looking.

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Understanding Cable Splices & Protection Methods

Cable Splicing

Many times when installing cathodic protection systems, there may be a requirement that:  Underground cathodic protection (or anode) cables shall be free of splices.  This means that the specification writer or customer requires that the underground cable be installed in one continuous length and the use of "splices" (to join two individual pieces of cable) is not allowed. There is an opinion that splices are bad or a weak link in the length of cable. This may be true IF the splice is not installed correctly.

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Farwest Current - August 2021

While it seems like time stands still,
Farwest is celebrating 65 Years!
Denver on the Move!
Our Rocky Mountain Regional Office Has Moved!
12875 E. 42nd Avenue., Ste 70
Denver, CO 80239
(303) 307-1447
Brian Eynon, Regional Manager
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The Farwest Current - May 2021

May 2021
Farwest Renews NSF 61 Certification
Did you know that Farwest maintains NSF61 certification for water tank cathodic protection products?
This certification confirms that our Impressed Current and Galvanic Cathodic Protection Systems used for Water Storage Tanks and Reservoirs are certified for use in potable water systems.
Farwest Giving Back
Farwest's Gordon Rankin Corrosion Engineering Scholarships Awarded to Three Students at Corrosion 2021
Donovan Fagan
University of Alberta
Margaret Blair Huck
Northeastern University
Trevor Tackett
Univ. of Texas - San Antonio
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Newsletter April 2021

April 2021
CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo
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