Cathodic Protection Engineering Services


Since 1956, Farwest Corrosion Control Company has provided cathodic protection Engineering and Technical Services to a wide variety of customers in industries including Oil, Gas, Production, Refining, Pipeline, Storage, Power Generation, Transportation, Water, Wastewater, Offshore, Marine, Government and Entertainment.  

Our trusted Corrosion Professionals are called upon to find solutions to corrosion related issues ranging from complex technical structures to simple recommendations.  Our services can include cathodic protection design, system troubleshooting and testing, surveys and more.  We share the responsibility with our clients to maintain system functionality and regulatory compliance and we reference current industry and regulatory standards such as DOT, EPA, OSHA, NACE, API, EPRI, and IMO.


Farwest maintains a staff of over 25 engineering and technical personnel with service offerings nation-wide.  Our engineering team includes Professional Engineers, of various disciplines, with registrations in multiple states.  In addition, our team includes NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Specialists, Corrosion Specialists, Corrosion Technologists, Corrosion Technicians, Cathodic Protection Technicians, Cathodic Protection Testers, Coating Inspectors, and Marine Technicians.

All levels of technical service personnel are experienced, NACE Certified, Operator Qualified, TWIC, trained for safe work practices and DOT compliance.  Senior engineering oversight is conducted for all field service operations and documentation review.


Cathodic Protection Engineering Services


Customers often need the assistance of a Licensed Engineer to assist them with many cathodic protection aspects.  The science of cathodic protection, or C.P., dictates that many technical considerations are involved in protecting a underground or underwater structure.  These considerations include electrolyte resistivity, structure material, coating performance, electrical isolation, current demand, proximity to other structures, environmental issues, temperatures, and more.  Therefore, C.P. is not a “cookie cutter” solution and guessing does not provide sound technical solutions.

The Farwest team of professionals have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and training and are dedicated to providing the right solution for each project.  We choose to do right, not easy, and helping our customers though sometimes-difficult technical decisions is part of the service we provide.

Our engineering services include, by are not limited to the following:

  • C.P System Design, Drawings & Specifications
  • Failure Analysis
  • AC & DC Stray Current Mitigation Testing & Design
  • Electrical Grounding Studies
  • Materials Evaluation and Selection
  • Economic Feasibility & Budget Estimates
  • Compliance Audits
  • C.P System Commissioning
  • C.P. Program Evaluation and Review



In addition to our engineering effort, we offer a full line of cathodic protection technical field services.  Our technicians work in concert with our more experience corrosion professionals to ensure our work meets technical, customer and regulatory requirements.  Services include:

  • Current Requirement Testing
  • Line Current – Natural and Applied
  • Stray Current & Interference Testing
  • Pipe & Cable Locating
  • Electrical Short Locating
  • Electrical Continuity, Isolation & Resistance Testing
  • Potential Profiles
  • Coating Holiday Testing
  • Periodic Rectifier Monitoring
  • Soil & Water Analysis
  • Stray Current & Interference Testing
  • Pipeline Current Mapping
  • Underwater C.P. Surveys
  • Rectifier Troubleshooting
  • C.P. System Troubleshooting
  • Long Term Data Acquisition
  • C.P. System Maintenance
  • AC & DC Voltage Gradient Surveys
  • Depth of Cover Testing
  • Close Interval Potential Surveys



As technical consultants, the Farwest Engineering Team can assist with a variety of services to assist clients with many corrosion challenges.  Our team has experience with many challenging issues related to corrosion and can provide a wealth of information and experience for many projects or corrosion related problems.  Our services include:

  • Product Design
  • Project or Technical Oversight
  • Personnel Training
  • Project Consults
  • Drawing Review
  • Data Analysis