Cold Shrink Tubing by 3M

Removable Core for Fast Cable Terminations

3M's 8420, 8430 and 8440 Series Splice Kits are cold shrink splicing products using 3M's unique cold shrink delivery system. The products are supplied as pre-stretched tubes on a removable core for efficiency and ease of installation. The tubes are open-ended, rubber sleeves, which are factory expanded and assembled onto removable plastic cores. The removable core is unwound after positioning the splice, allowing the tube to shrink into position and form a moisture resistant seal. The live memory action of the specially formulated material ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and insulation.

3M's 8420 and 8430 Series insulators are made from EPDM rubber. 3M's 8440 Series Silicone Insulators are made from specially formulated high-temperature silicone rubber.

  • Primary electrical insulation for all solid dielectric (rubber and plastic) insulated wire and cable splicing rated to 1000 volts.
  • Physical protection and moisture sealing for couplings, hoses, connectors, and terminal lugs.
  • Cable jacket and sheath repairs.
  • Environmental sealing for communication connectors and other non-electrical applications.
  • Repair of non-pressurized hoses and conduit.
  • Corrosion protection for fittings and couplings.
  • Resists ozone and ultraviolet light*.
  • Resists fire - will not support flame*.
  • Resists fluid splashes*.
  • Operating temperature range -66°F (-55°C) to 500°F (260°C)*
* 8440 Silicone Rubber Series only


8420 and 8430 Series Selection (0-600V)



8440 Series Selection (0-1000V)

Inner Unit Pack: 1/bag
Case Quantity: 12