About Farwest Corrosion Control Company


Farwest Corrosion Control Company is an industry pioneer and leader in comprehensive cathodic protection and corrosion control services and related products. Cathodic protection and corrosion control services include products, engineering, and installation.

Farwest is a leading, full line distributor and manufacturer of corrosion prevention products. These include coatings, isolation equipment, test and inspection tools, instrumentation and more. In addition, the firm is a custom fabricator of cathodic protection (CP) anodes, junction and bond boxes, power supplies, test stations, test equipment and a variety of other specialty products.

Cathodic protection and corrosion control engineering services include system design solutions, cathodic protection field surveys, system testing, monitoring and troubleshooting, technical consultation, project oversight and product design.

Installation services include cathodic protection system installation, system abandonment, grounding and AC mitigation systems, system maintenance, repairs and project planning. Installation projects use drilling and construction equipment owned and operated by the firm’s qualified, experienced team.

By providing comprehensive solutions to customer challenges, Farwest finds the best solutions to difficult problems and guarantees customer satisfaction. Through our internal proprietary process, The Farwest Way, customers experience the positivity and commitment of the firm.

Founded in 1956, Farwest remains privately held. The firm is headquartered in Downey, CA, has eight regional offices and over 170 employees nationwide.

  • Our Mission
    We are dedicated to integrity, service, quality and unsurpassed customer satisfaction in providing cathodic protection and corrosion control related products, services and solutions. It is our mission to find ways for improvement and to be a leader in our industry while maintaining our solid foundation, business stability and dependability.
  • Our Vision
    To Be Known for Helping People and Always Driven to Find Solutions
  • Our Values
    Integrity – Customer Commitment – Quality Output – We Care – Positive Attitude
  • Our Promise
    To provide the right solution to cathodic protection and corrosion control challenges with integrity, attention to customer needs and quality, second to none.
  • The Farwest Way

The Farwest Way

Farwest has a standard approach or process to build and maintain a successful customer experience and relationship. We call this the Farwest Way, which is a simple, four-step process to provide an effective outcome that we will duplicate every time we engage with a customer. The four-step process is as follows:

  1. Identify
  2. Assign
  3. Deliver
  4. Appreciate

  5. Identify – This is the fact-finding mission for all of our customer interactions. During this step, we are working to find the best way to serve the customer or to make their job easier. This is the foundation of our relationship and opportunity to understand their specific needs. With this information, we can clarify the desired outcome.

    Assign – Once we have identified our customer’s needs, we must assign the Right Person at Farwest to assist the customer. This Farwest representative will become the point of contact for the customer experience and will take ownership of the entire interaction. Regardless of who is assigned, it is essential that all information is communicated clearly and critical that the customer knows with whom they are working.

    Deliver – This is when we deliver the Right Product or the Right Solution. Typically, we will provide this to the customer directly, but there may be occasions when the right solution for the customer is one we do not provide or do not provide well. In these cases, we must direct the customer accordingly. The one thing we will not deliver is mediocrity as one of our Core Values is Quality Output and we must always live up to that promise.

    Appreciation – This is our opportunity for saying thank you, strengthening the relationship and letting the customer know that we are there when they need us.

    This is the Farwest Way


Introduction to Farwest Corrosion Control
A Leader in Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control

Our History


• 1956 - Farwest Corrosion Control "Corporation" was established in Seattle, WA

• 1957 - Gordon Rankin accepts a position with Wayne Broyles Engineering in Houston TX

• 1959 - Gordon accepts offer from Broyles to run Farwest in Los Angeles, is appointed Vice President and moves his family to CA.