ACPro Induced AC Mitigation Ribbon by Farwest Corrosion

An Effective Electrical Path to Remove or Discharge AC Current From a Pipeline

Pipeline corrosion, caused by induced AC current, is attributed to high voltage AC power lines in close proximity to a pipeline system. The corrosion can be extremely aggressive, far exceeding the normal corrosion rate caused by corrosive soils. Induced AC current can also be a safety issue to humans and must be effectively mitigated to reduce potential hazards. There are a number of methods to mitigate the risk and the correct solution will depend on many factors. 

AC mitigation systems are simply electrical “grounding” systems that provide an effective electrical path to remove or discharge AC current from the pipeline to the ground. In some cases, several solutions may be employed for this purpose, but whatever the methodology, the goal is to remove the AC current from the pipeline in a safe and controlled manner. 

As mentioned, there are a number of mitigation solutions that can be utilized, but one of the most popular is a linear grounding or mitigation system that is installed in parallel to the pipeline. Farwest Corrosion’s ACPro mitigation ribbon is designed for this purpose and is comprised of a bare copper conductor (cable) encased in a synthetic sock and filled with Loresco PowerFillTM, low resistivity backfill that is specially formulated to protect the copper conductor from corrosion. 

 The ACPro factory manufactured product is 1.5 inches in diameter and suitable to be installed parallel to the pipeline through trenching, plowing or directional drilling. For easy splicing, the copper conductor “pig tail” extends 24” from the end of the sock. 


ACPro Product Drawing


ACPro Product Details

Conductor: #6, #2 or #1/0 AWG bare, 19 strand copper

Backfill: Loresco PowerFillTM

• Casing: 1.5” diameter synthetic fabric sock with abrasion resistant polypropylene braid


 ACPro Product Advantages

Easy handling and installation

Cost effective

Low electrical resistivity


ACPro Product Specifications

Copper Conductor #6 AWG #2 AWG #1/0 AWG
Backfill Loresco PowerFillTM
Sock material Porous synthetic fabric
Sock dimension 1.5” (38 mm) diameter
Length per reel 500 to 1,500 ft. (1,000 ft. is standard)
Customized reel lengths are available upon request.

ACPro Standard 1000’ Reel Details

Conductor Model Part No. Reel Net Weight Gross Weight Pallet Dimensions
6 AWG FW-06-1000 01-95400 1 1,000 1,260 36" X 48" x 53H
#2 AWG FW-02-1000 01-95410 1 1,130 1,390
#1/0 AWG FW-1/0-1000 01-95420 1 1,245 1,505


For pricing, delivery information or additional technical information regarding the ACPro product line, please contact a Farwest Corrosion representative for assistance at 888-532-7937 or by email at 

Used in the ACPro casing, Loresco PowerFill is the economical solution for areas with difficult grounding problems. It is highly conductive wet or dry, yet does not require moisture to lower the resistance of a grounding system. PowerFill carries an NSF certification (Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 60) enabling installation around underground potable water systems. PowerFill also contains a corrosion inhibitor which forms a film on the copper creating a barrier against corrosion.

PowerFill is designed to be used in conjunction with all standard copper grounding equipment allowing for a greater variance in design that would otherwise be uneconomical.

PowerFill can be poured in dry or pumped in slurry form. No tamping required. It is very worker friendly. No special tools are required.

POWERFill Grounding Backfill by Loresco

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