Viscotaq Specification for Sealing System at Chime Area of Storage tanks

In general, the floor plate of the tank is resting on a concrete ring.

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Amcorr Specification for Sealing System at Chime Area
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ViscoSealant, 30 oz. (1-Quart) Tube, 9 tubes per case, by Viscotaq
Viscotaq 2” X 24” EZ WRAP
Viscotaq 4” X 24” EZ WRAP
Viscotaq 6” X 24” EZ WRAP
Viscotaq 12” X 24” EZ WRAP


VISCOTAQ PE Outer Wrap is a Heavy Duty polyethylene backing in the form of a roll, calendered with an adhesive. The tape is used as an Outer Wrap for the mechanical protection of VISCOTAQ products against soil stress, back fill procedures and other forms of mechanical impact. Furthermore, it gives a continuous external pressure to the VISCOTAQ corrosion prevention inner material and accelerates the process of the formation of a homologue continuous inner coating. VISCOTAQ PE Outer Wrap is produced from MDPE/HDPE and is wrapped with a 50% overlap onto the VISCOTAQ corrosion prevention coating. The material is applied onto the substrate by hand or by means of a tape wrap machine.

General information

VISCOTAQ is a unique viscous-elastic non crystalline a-polar polyolefin for the protection of shaped and non-shaped substrates. VISCOTAQ offers the pipeline industry an unrivaled technology when it comes to corrosion prevention. Unlike other coatings VISCOTAQ always has a permanent and intimate contact with
the surface of a substrate. The viscosity and elasticity modulus of the material are designed in such a way that the viscosity modulus provides permanent wetting characteristics hence forcing the material to flow into the pores and anomalies of the substrates whereas the elasticity modules provides the strength and elasticity of a solid.

Use and application

  • As a mechanical outer wrap up to surface temperatures of +85° C/+185° F
  • Continuous operating temperature up to 85° C/+185° F
  • Application temperature > +5° C/+41° F


  • Self adhesive MDPE/HDPE Outer Wrap
  • Service temperature range -34° C/-29.2° F up to +85° C/+185° F
  • Extremely flexible
  • High aging resistance
  • Overlap 50%
  • UV resistant
  • Strong adhesion to Viscowrap Inner Wrap
  • Application by hand or machine
  • Cold application, no open fire
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent abrasive resistance
  • Standard color: in black

Materials Required

  1. Viscotaq Outerwrap. Consists of: pressure sensitive adhesive with reinforcement and covered with a polyester cloth or covered with another release liner (double sided). Packaged in rolls 4 inch by 24 feet, 30 mils. Color gray.

  2. Visotaq EZ Paste. Available in cartridges 10 oz ( 310 ml) or 1 liter (1.06 quarts).

  3. Applicator gun. High trust ratio bulk applicator gun, hand, pneumatic or electric. Used to apply EZ Paste.

  4. Air compressor, used for drying surfaces.

  5. Seam roller, used to apply EZ Wrap.


Pressure wash to clean surfaces.

Dry surfaces with high pressure air.

Apply EZ Paste with an applicator gun. Apply EZ Wrap with a seam roller.
  1. Remove dust, dirt and any corrosion. The coating at the tank shell must be according to internal specifications.

  2. Clean the concrete ring and chime area of the floor plate by regular pressure wash (in between chime and concrete as well). This is 3 inches on concrete and the complete chime area.

  3. Dry the complete area (including in between chime area and concrete ring) with high pressure air (air compressor).

  4. Apply Amcorr EZ Paste with the applicator gun by squirting the material between the chime and concrete ring. Fill the void 1 inch deep. To get a good fill, press the flexible nozzle half an inch in the void. Go around the tank completely. Angle the material by a putty knife at the transition between the concrete ring and chime.

  5. Apply Amcorr EZ Wrap. Start on the chime and cover the chime completely (start shell/floorplate corner). Overlap on the concrete ring should be at least 2 inches. Remove the release liner and unroll the roll lengthwise, pressing the EZ Wrap down well with the seam roller.

  6. Paint the EZ Wrap for esthetics and to protect it from any solvent chemicals such as jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline or other. A chemical resistance chart is available upon request.

  7. Inspect your work. Check if the EZ Wrap shows good adhesion at the concrete ring and the steel. This can be done by peeling the edges of the tape and see if the material bonds completely. Complete adhesion takes place after a while, so a time slot of half an hour after application should be taken into account. The edge of the tape should end exactly at the corner of the shell and floor plate. A minimum overlap of 2 inches should be achieved on the concrete ring. The amount Amcorr EZ Paste should reflect the average calculated amount and not less. A cut-out can be made of the EZ Wrap to check the fill. 1 inch deep should be the minimum. After the cut-out,  a patch should be made with 1 inch overlap on each side.

Application Notes

The surface temperature of the concrete ring and shell should be above 40°F to obtain quick adhesion. To achieve quick adhesion in colder temperatures, a hot air blower can be used. the materials can also be preheated to 65°F or higher, but should not exceed 185°F.

When humidity is high or the surfaces get wet, the surfaces need to be dried. Concrete has a tendency to stay wet.

For safety, wear safety clothing and goggles during application. The described materials are non-toxic. Please see the MSDS for Amcorr EZ Wrap and Amcorr EZ Paste.


 Measurement   Value   Method
 Outer wrap PE    
 Color   Black  N.A.
 Total thickness  0,38 mm/15 mil or 0,50 mm/20 mil  ISO 9001
 Backing thickness  0,254 mm for 0,38 mm
 0,381 mm for 0,50 mm 
 ISO 9001
 ISO 9001 
 Adhesive thickness  0,127 mm for 0,38 mm
 0,127 mm for 0,50 mm 
 ISO 9001
 ISO 9001 
 Application temperature  - 34° C/-29.2° F to +71° C/+159.8° F  N.A.
 Application  3° C/5° F above the dew point
 with tension 
 with minimum 50% overlap 
 Water absorption   < 0,03 %  ASTM D570-98
 Impact resistance 23° C  > 15 J  EN 12068
 Service temperature  - 34° C/-29.2° F to +85° C/+185° F  N.A.
 Adhesive strength 23° C  > 0,56 kg/cm  ASTM D1000
 Tensile strength   5,36 kg/cm for 0,38 mm
 7,14 kg/cm for 0,50 mm 
 ASTM D1000
 ASTM D1000 
 Elongation   250 % for 0,38 mm
 300 % for 0,50 mm 
 ASTM D1000
 ASTM D1000 
 Outer Wrap PE In combination with Viscowrap HT (see also data sheet)
 Total thickness                      > 2,56 mm (depending upon PE thickness)  ISO 9001
 Impact resistance  > 15 J (self healing)  EN 12068
 Indentation  > 10N/mm2  EN 12068
 At 23° C  no holidays (< 5 min)  EN 12068
 At 71° C  no holidays (< 120 min)  EN 12068
 Roll widths  50mm/2”, 75mm/3” or 100 mm/4”   ISO 9001
 Roll length  30 meter/100 feet  ISO 9001
 Inner core  carton, 3”  ISO 9001
 Packaging  Cardboard boxes  N.A.
 Storage  Indoor, dry. By preference not above 40 C N  N.A.