Installation Instructions for
Condenser Anode with Mounting Kit

1. The surface to which the anode is to be attached should be cleaned of scale and rust by chipping and wire brushing before the anode and/or mounting kit is to be installed. This is important to insure a good seating surface for the anode.
2. When installing to a steel surface, fillet weld the tapered end of the #304 stainless steel stud with a 1/8” diameter #310 stainless steel electrode at 70-105 amps. The stud must be held perpendicular to the steel surface and a neat weld should be made without building up an excessive reinforcement, otherwise the anode will not seat squarely against the surface to be protected.
3. After the stud has cooled, place the 1/16” x 10” x 10” rubber sheet over the stud and lay flat against the steel structures surface. Do not tear or enlarge the stud hole in the rubber sheet.
4. If using a “resistance washer” in the installation, slide the rubber insulating tube over the anode stud until it comes in contact with the rubber sheet installed per item 3 above. If you’re not using a resistance washer in the installation, do not install the rubber insulating tube.
5. Apply enough gasket sealer compound (included in the anode mounting kit) to coat the bottom face of the anode. This compound can be applied with a putty knife, spatula or similar.
6. Place the anode in position over the stud and on the rubber sheet. Insure that the anode is not in direct contact with the structure’s steel surface.
7. Place the provided steel flat washer over the anode stud and allow the washer to contact the anode core inside the anode recess. If using a resistance washer, do not use the steel flat washer. Instead, install the resistance washer in place of the steel flat washer.
8. Install the ½” Flex-Loc nut on the threaded portion of the anode stud and tighten the nut to secure the anode. If using a resistance washer, do not over tighten the Flex-Loc nut as it may crack the resistance washer.
9. Liberally coat the stud protector gasket with gasket sealer compound and then place the gasket over the anode stud and into the anode recess.
10. Screw on the ½” plastic anode stud protector until it seats against the rubber stud protector gasket. Do not apply excessive torque or the plastic will crack.