AnodeFlex 3000-Ti Series Linear Anode System by Farwest Corrosion

Titanium Core, Long-line, Flexible Anode Systems for Impressed Current C.P.

Anodeflex 3000 Series products are impressed-current, long-line flexible anodes for cathodic protection of buried pipelines, in-plant piping and of on-grade or buried storage tanks. Anodeflex 3000 products include an MMO wire connected at fixed distances to a central dual-insulated copper conductor cable to deliver cathodic current without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop. The manufacturing process centers the anode in a tightly packed fill material, all packaged in a synthetic jacket and protective braiding.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Anode is in close proximity to the pipeline
  • Distributes current uniformly over total length of pipeline

No Over/under Protection

  • Prevents accelerated coating disbondment
  • More effective & economical than a series of "discrete" anodes
  • Independent of variations in soil resistivity

Pipeline Rehabilitation Without Excavation

  • A fraction of the cost of pipeline recoating
  • No loss of revenue or supply interruptions
  • No safety issues associated with working on live pipelines

Long, Continuous Circuit Lengths

  • Fewer joints as compared to conventional anode systems
  • Low maintenance costs

Avoid Interference & Stray Current Issues

  • Enchances long-term performance
  • Focuses current on the target structure
  • Improves protection and cost efficiency 

Prepackaged Carbon Backfill

  • Loresco SC-3 utilized
  • Ensures low resistance ground bed
  • Ensures the anode is centered
  • Simplifies field installation

Installation with Standard Cable Laying Equipment

  • Fast and cost effective

AnodeFlex 3000 is a long-life, flexible, wire anode, which can be placed remote to the target structure. Greater current output can be achieved Anodeflex 3000-Ti Series products are long-line flexible anodes for impressed-current cathodic protection of buried pipelines, in-plant piping and of on-grade or buried storage tanks. Consists of: 

  • Central Copper Conductor: Dual insulated AWG #6 or #8 conductor cable for the MMO wire connected at fixed distances to deliver the required current without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop. Insulation protects the conductor from chemical attack in the presence of chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or other strong oxidizing agents. 
  • Mixed Metal Oxide coated anode (MMO): Solid titanium wire with mixed metal oxide coating provides low attenuation in combination with prepackaged carbon backfill. Designed for minimum 20-year service life at maximum current output of up to 200mA/ft. / 656mA/m for 3200 product. 
  • Carbon Backfill: Pre-packaged, high performance calcined petroleum carbon backfill, serving as the active matrix in which the electrochemical reactions take place. 
  • Fabric Jacket: Integrated woven, acid resistant and porous jacket holding the carbon backfill in place around the anode. 
  • Protective Braid: Tough, porous, non-conductive protective braid enhancing the abrasion and damage resistance of the fabric jacket. 

The manufacturing process ensures a tightly packed fill material for optimum durability and performance. The synthetic jacket and protective braiding make the product ideal for installation through trenching or directional drilling.

AnodeFlex 3000- Ti Properties

Diameter   1.5” / 38mm
 Conductor wire type 

 Dual-insulated AWG #6 or #8 as standard,

single insulated HNWPE also available

 MMO wire type   Solid titanium wire with mixed metal oxide coating 
 Product weight  1lb/ft. / 1.5kg/m
Fill material  LorescoTM SC-3 (or approved alternate) 
  Fill volume  0.77lb/ft. / 1.15kg/m 
 Casing (sock)  Synthetic fabric
 Braiding   Polypropylene filament 
 Current output 

 Anodeflex 3020 20 mA/ft. / 66 mA/m

Anodeflex 3100 100 mA/ft. / 328 mA/m

Anodeflex 3200 200 mA/ft. / 656 mA/m 

 Installation temperature   Min. 0°F / -18°C, no maximum 
 Min. bend radius   20"/ 500mm