Aqua-Shield Corrosion Protection Sleeves by Canusa-CPS

Heat shrinkable corrosion protection sleeves for water pipelines


Corrosion protection sleeves for water pipelines

Aqua-Shield™ is a family of heat shrinkable sleeve products that have been specifi cally designed for the corrosion protection of large diameter water pipelines. Various product confi gurations are available that utilize a crosslinked polyolefi n backing, coated with a protective, heat-activated adhesive which effectively bonds to metallic substrates and common pipeline coatings.

Long Term Protection  

  • Once installed, Aqua-Shield™ provides durable protection against abrasion and chemical attack. The high performance crosslinked backing provides the superior abrasion resistance and mechanical strength required for water transmission and distribution lines. Aqua-Shield™ effectively covers and protects the pipe surface to prevent corrosion. Since no special primers are required, less time is required for installation.

Flexible & Reliable Installation 

  •  The Aqua-Shield™ family of products are available in various configurations for flexibility of installation.

Aqua-Shield™ AQW-HS: Specially constructed and provided in custom cut lengths for field joints on large diameter water pipelines including “O”-ring and field welded configurations, as well as coating factory fittings and mitered elbows.

Aqua-Shield™ AQW-FPK: A high expansion/high recovery system, designed for corrosion protection and sealing of flanges and other high profile joints. The system includes skirting sleeves to protect flange bolt areas.

Aqua-Shield™ AQW-WAB: Designed specifically for “Weld-After-Backfill” applications.

Assured Performance

  • The AQW-HS and AQW-WAB products meet and exceed the requirements of AWWA standard C216-07.


Corrosion Protection sleeves for water pipelines


 Sleves Operating Characteristics   AWWAC216  AQW-HS AQW-WAB
 Minimum Installation Temp    -  50°C
 Adhesive Properties Test Method       
 Softening Point ASTM E28  77°C
 Lap Shear  ASTM D1002   12 psi  35 psi  30 psi
 Backing Properties        
 Tensile Strength   ASTM D638  2200 psi   2900 psi   3000 psi
 Elongation    ASTM D638   400%   700%    700% 
 Hardness   ASTM D2240   -   46 Shore D 52 Shore D 
 Volume Resistivity   ASTM D257   10^14
 Dielectric Strength    ASTM D149   400 V/mil  700 V/mil   700 V/mil
 Water-vapour Transmission    ASTM E 96   0.05
 Heat Shock    AWWA C216   Pass  Pass  Pass
 Sleeve Properties         
 Impact   ASTM G14  25 in.-lbs  50 in.-lbs   50 in.-lbs 
 Adhesion to Steel    ASTM D1000   15pli  25pli  46pli
 Low Temp. Flexibility    ASTM D2671   -   -20°C
 Width Deviation    -   ±10  ±5  ±5
 (nominal thickness as supplied) 
     0.8 mm
 0.6 mm
 (nominal thickness as supplied) 
     1.1 mm
 1.1 mm