Blind Flange Anode Suspension Assembly by Farwest Corrosion

Designed to Suspend Sacrificial or Impressed Current Anodes Inside a Tank with Flanged Openings.


Designed to suspend a sacrificial or impressed current anode inside a tank with flanged openings, the "standard"  Farwest blind flange anode suspension assembly includes a blind flange, clevis with insulator, and CGB cable entrance fitting.

Flange Sizes:
Typically, a 4" or 6", 150 PSI, raised face blind flange is used for this assembly.  The blind flange is machined for the needed equipment openings and the finished assembly is connected to a tank flange opening at the top of a tank after the anode is lowered into position.

Options include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Other blind flange sizes and pressure ratings
  2. A steel eyebolt for lifting (shown in photo)
  3. Epoxy coatings on the blind flange
  4. Cable connections to the flange for sacrificial anodes
  5. Custom versions of the suspension assembly

If other options or customer designs are required, please contact a Farwest customer service representative for assistance.