SpliceRight Cable Splice Kit by Royston

One-Size-Fits-All, All-Season Cable Splice


What is the SliceRight™ System?

Royston designed the SpliceRight™ system to insulate, waterproof and protect low-voltage electrical connections. It's the splicing kit that keeps your cathodic protection system intact.

SpliceRight's tacky elastomeric insulating compound completely seals and waterproofs the connector area. There's no mixing, heating or pouring. We've developed this compound based on our 50 years of experience in corrosion protection.

The SpliceRight system's resin-impregnated, moisture-cured, fabric bandage can be applied immediately after applying the compound, unlike other methods which require hardening time. The bandage provides mechanical protection for the sealant and sets in less than 10 minutes. Quick installation time allows for immediate backfill.

It's Economical

The SpliceRight system is the low-cost way to do the job right. It's fast, easy and effective, which keeps your labor costs down. And if re-entry to the splice is necessary, the SpliceRight system can be removed without damage to the cable or splice.


With SpliceRight, you need to carry only one size kit to the site -- there's no need for various-size kits. The SpliceRight system's green sealant fits easily around any shape or configuration quickly and with no mess.

All-Season Splice

The SpliceRight tm system can be applied in both hot or below freezing temperatures. And the green sealant remains pliable, so it'll never crack if a cable shifts. The SpliceRight tm system's unique rubber encapsulating material maintains its electrical resistance and physical properties without deterioration during long aging or exposure to corrosive underground environments.

It's Easy-to-Use

Just cover, wrap and spray. See the bottom of this web page for full instructions.

Handling Precaution

The adhesive in the bandage adheres to skin and is difficult to remove. Using the gloves eliminates skin contact. However, if contact does occur, the adhesive will harmlessly wear off in a few days.

Typical Properties

Encapsulating compound

Specially compounded butyl elastomer




150 grams

Water absorption

0.01% ASTM D570

Percent non-volatile


Service temperature

-50oF to +185oF

Protection shell (bandage)

Specially impregnated fabric, hermetically sealed in a foil pouch. After custom forming around the splice, the moisture cured urethane responds by hardening into a tough, damage-resistant shell in a few minutes.


 Ordering Information

Royston's SpliceRight kits are furnished in a carton containing 12 individually packaged kits and one spray bottle for water.

 Royston SliceRight™ Kit Instructions

Do not use gloves until the first WRAP step. Splice and adjacent insulation must be clean and free of contamination.

  1. With your bare hands, apply the first piece of rubber by pressing and packaging it around the splice.
  2. With the second piece of rubber, begin wrapping about the "V" area and use a "stretch and wind" technique around the rest of the splice.
  3. With the third piece of rubber, stretch and wind, being sure to cover 1" or more of the insulation of each wire.
  1. Now, slip on protective gloves.
  2. Open the foil pouch by tearing at the notch and remove the bandage.
  3. Wrap the splice with a combination "X-wrap" - "figure 8", being sure to pass through the "V" area at least once.
  4. Temporarily secure the end with a clip.
  1. Dampen this area with the spray bottle.
  2. Under normal conditions, the bandage should set in less than 10 minutes.