Canusa-CPS Wrapid Bond Wraparound Corrosion Protective Coating

A viscous-elastic adhesive based system for pipeline corrosion protection
Product Description
Wrapid Bond™ is a wraparound corrosion protective coating consisting of a modified and reinforced visco-elastic adhesive applied onto a polyethylene carrier film. Supplied in roll form, Wrapid Bond™ provides effective corrosion protection by providing a barrier to water and oxygen. Wrapid Bond™ is for use on aboveground and underground pipelines.

Features & Benefits
  • Adhesion & Creep Resistance: The specially formulated adhesive bonds tenaciously to even the most difficult substrates and provides good elevated temperature creep resistance and resistance to soil stresses. Improved soil stress resistance is achieved with the installation of WrapidCoat™ outer wrap.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Wrapid Bond™ is ideally suited for a diverse range of pipeline applications including: coating repair on new pipeline construction; transition areas from above to below ground pipelines; special sections such as bends, tees, flanges, etc.; rehabilitation of existing pipelines.
  • Long-Term Corrosion Protection: The thick layer of adhesive provides a tough barrier to water and oxygen which provides effective corrosion protection.
  • Saves Time & Money:
    Long shelf-life (does not harden)
    - Various widths available with convenient roll lengths for ease of inventory
    - Fast installation with excellent adhesion on steel and many other base surfaces without
      applying primer
    - Self-healing ability when slightly damaged due to plastic-elastic properties
    - No drying or hardening time
    - Impermeable to water and oxygen

  • Part of a Complete Line of Wrapid™ Products: CANUSA-CPS products such as Wrapid Sleeve™, CanusaWrap™, CanusaTube™, and Wrapid Tape™  have been oil, gas and civil infrastructure industry standards for many years. The Wrapid Bond™ product line also includes a supplementary outer wrap, Wrapid Coat™. The outer wrap provides supplementary soil stress resistance.

Typical Product Properties


Test Standard Unit


 Measured > 1.8 mm


 ASTM D792 1.1 - 1.3 g/cm3

Impact Resistance*

 EN 12068  15 J

Indentation Resistance*

 EN 12068  0.60 mm remaining (pass)

Peel Strength*

 EN 12068  > 0.5 N/mm cohesive failure

Lap Shear Strength

EN 12068  0.02 N/mm2

Glass Transition Temperature

ASTM D3418 < -20°C

Cathodic Disbondment Resistance*

ASTM G8/EN 12068 2 mm at 23°C

Cathodic Disbondment Resistance*

ASTM G42/EN 12068 1 mm at 60°C

Electrical Resistance*

EN 12068 > 108 ohm/m2

Unwinding Test at -30°C

EN 12068 No separation, tears or cracks

Low Temperature Flexibility at -30°C

EN 12068 No separation, tears or cracks

Water Absorption

ASTM D570 < 0.05%

Drip Resistance

EN 12068 Pass at 90°C
 * When used with Wrapid Coat™


Product Selection Guide

 * Wrapid Coat™ is required for buried applications.


Wrapid Bond™ Ordering Guide


   Designation    Contents Quantity / Carton
WRB-B 50-10 BL 50 mm x 10 m 12
WRB-B 100-10 BL 100 mm x 10 m 6
WRB-B 150-10 BL 150 mm x 10 m 4
WRB-B 200-20 BL 200 mm x 20 m 2
WRB-B 100-30 BL 100 mm x 30 m 12
WRB-B 150-30 BL 150 mm x 30 m 6