Pile & Pipeline Wrap Systems by Carmel Corrosion

Designed for Marine Applications

System Overview

CCS wrap is a superior corrosion protection system designed to be attached to steel pipe risers, subsea pipelines, jetty piles and similar structures in various marine conditions.

The wrap system is comprised of a memory enhanced polyamid reinforcing scrim embedded in UV stable polyurethane.  To this, a polyester felt liner is laminated. Active corrosion inhibitors or biocides are pre-blended into a range of hydrophobic and thixotropic gels. These gels are factory-applied to the absorbent felt inner layer. ​ ​

The edges of the wrap are fitted with a sophisticated flanged installation system allowing rapid assembly and deployment and once installed, provides an excellent watertight seal. The system is delivered as one-piece requiring minimal surface preparation before installation.

When assembled, the system provides very close interaction between the the corrosion inhibiting gel and the substrate stopping the advance of corrosion. ​

 Features & Benefits

  • Minimal surface preparation is required prior to installation.
  • Rapid one-piece system installation lowers project costs.
  • A 10-year factory warranty is provided.
  • Custom fit for the application.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Abrasion resistant and UV stable.
  • Simple removal and refitting procedures allows regular substrate monitoring and repair.
  • The wrap system is flexible and with the incorporated gel, allows installation to irregular and submerged surfaces.
  • Provides a water-tight barrier.
  • Once installed, the system stays in place.  No other fixtures or holders are required.
  • Allows use of coupons or monitoring systems.
  • No special workforce or tooling is required.

Product Types

Three product typess are offered. 

  • The HD 4-Ply Wrap is designed for regular offshore installations. 
  • The HD 6-Ply Wrap is designed for extra durability where needed, i.e. deep-sea structures or where there is a higher occurrence of floating debris or ice floats.  
  • The H Wrap is designed for use with H-Pile systems.

Product details and information are provided in the above tabs. 


The wrap system is constructed as follows:

  • An outer polyurethane layer that is highly abrasion resistant, UV-stable and provides a long-term environmental outer barrier.
  • A memory-enhanced, polyamide reinforcing "scrim" that creates hoop-tension that prevents long-term product creep.
  • An inner polyurethane layer
  • A polyester felt inner layer that is immersed with a pre-blended range of hydrophobic and thixotropic gels.  The gels are factory applied to the felt in concentrations that provide product longevity.

The heavy duty, HD 4 Ply wrap system is most common and used for a variety of marine applications.  The easy-to-install, one-piece system provides a full-length closure flange that are provided with corrosion resistant, self-threading fasteners or bolt sets as requested.

Minimal surface preparation is all that is required as the corrosion-inhibiting gel flows around the subsrated to totally encapsulate and protect without the use of primers, fillers or tapes. The mechanical removal of marine growth and delaminated iron oxide is all that is necessary.

Corrosion rate monitoring is achieved with weight loss coupons or remote corrosion systems that are easily accessible after installation.

The residual elasticity within the multilayer fabric safely maintains the wrap in position and prevents leaching of the corrosion inhibitor into the environment.

The system is custom made to fit and suits any pipe diameter from 2 inch (50 mm) to almost 10 feet (3 meters). The HD 4 Ply system can be interlocked together to accommodate any required protected length.

Withstands the degradative influences of environmental changes, UV, ozone and temperature variations. The system is highly abrasion and impact-resistant. ​ Inspections are simple and in the unlikely event of exterior damage, the wrap can easily be removed and replaced to allow for substrate inspection.


The high endurance, HD 6 Ply wrap system is the multilayer version ofthe HD 4 Ply system. It is specially designedto provide protection to offshore oil and gas risers or inshore applications subject to external impace damage.

As with the HD 4 Ply Wrap system, the installation has been reduced to its simplest possible form, saving hours of diver and rigging time. The system does not require substrate shot blast preparation.

Custom-made for tough conditions, the polyurethane outer layer provides the highest abrasion resistance. Available with a unique anti-fouling outer layer and provides active protection with environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors.


The H Wrap system is designed for use with H-Pile systems and is similar in installation practices as compare with the other CCS system.  In this instance, a high-density polystyrene material is pre-cut to the required pile measurements to fill the voids of a common H-Pile system.  The polystyrene material that is in contact with the steel substrate is prepared with anticorrosive gel.  Any gaps between the steel pile and polystyrene material are filled with the same gel prior to the final closure of the pile system.

Once the pile voids are filled with the polystyrene and gel, the H Wrap system is installed and installation is expedited with the flange system provided on the other wrap systems.