Chlor*Rid "DTS" Direct-to-Surface, Pre-Mixed, Soluble Salt Remover By Chlor*Rid Int'l.

New pre-mix formula to remove soluble salt contaminants.

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CHLOR*RID DTS Direct-to-Surface, Pre-Mixed Liquid
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Chlor*Rid DTS, Direct To Surface Liquid Soluble Salt Remover, 5-gallon container

The greatest nemesis facing the coating and lining industry is the corrosive power of soluble salts.

According to exhaustive research, nearly 80% of all premature coating failures are caused by chlorides and sulfates lurking beneath the coating surface.


Out of sight, out of mind?

The electrochemical bonding of soluble salts to substrates defies all but the most forceful removal attempts. While a number of methods are used, surface attached soluble salts are nearly impossible to remove. When non-visible soluble salts remain, your surface preparation will not prevent early coating failure. Is this risk worth taking?


CHLOR*RID DTS "Direct-to-Surface" Soluble Salt Remover.
Same reliable CHLOR*RID. New pre-mix liquid formula.

CHLOR*RID DTS is an organic bonding blend which aids in the removal of chlorides, sulfates and most other soluble salts. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and is biodegradable.

With its patented organic bonding chemistry, CHLOR*RID stands in a class of its own as the surest, safest, most cost-effective way to remove soluble salt contamination. CHLOR*RID strips chlorides and sulfates from industrial surfaces by ionization energy.

Proven effective on virtually any surface where the protective coating is threatened by corrosion from soluble salts. With CHLOR*RID DTS, your surfaces are prepared... and so are you!

Ready to use from the container!

  • No field mixing or diluting
  • No special application equipment needed
  • No high cost
  • No harsh chemicals, no health hazards, no certifications
  • No residue left behind
  • Apply by brush, roller, or spray application, then rinse off.
  • Unparalleled, proven results around the world

Recommended for use on:

  • Piping
  • Storage tanks and cooling towers
  • Bridge structures
  • Ships and marine structures in atmospheric service
  • Aircraft and aerospace equipment
  • Mining facilities
  • Public utilities
  • Power generation plants
  • Natural gas plants
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • Petrochemical installations
  • Pulp and paper mills, saw mills
  • Steel fabrication
  • Electronics and process equipment

CHLOR*RID DTS is recommended as a wash solution prior to application of primers or coatings on a variety of surfaces, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, concrete, wood, plastics and others.



Light green

Typical Coverage

300 square feet per US Gallon




3.4 ± 0.2


5 / 55 US Gallons

Number of Components

Single Component

Shelf Life

24 months

Application Temperature

33°F - 250°F

Low Temperature Use

Keep from freezing. It frozen, thaw before use.



This product is not intended to be a degreaser. Any grease or oil film should be removed first. This product is intended for use in surface preparation for atmospheric service coatings. There are just three easy steps:

Step 1. Remove Barrier

Soluble salts adhere themselves to the substrate. For the effective use of this product, the product must be able to come in contact with the salts. These salts are beneath any rust scale or blistered or damaged coating, therefore, these barriers must be removed prior to application of this product. This may be accomplished by wet or dry abrasive blasting, water jetting, power tool cleaning or hand tool cleaning. As in all surface preparation, the best work yields the best results.

Step 2. Apply CHLOR*RID DTS

Apply CHLOR*RID DTS directly onto the substrate. Sufficient product must be applied uniformly across the substrate to thoroughly wet out surface, with no areas missed. This may be accomplished by whatever method you choose, such as an airless sprayer, roller, brush, pump up sprayer or conventional spray gun. The method does not matter, as long as the entire area to be cleaned is wetted. For most applications, an application rate of approximately 300 sq. ft. per gallon is satisfactory. After the substrate has been thoroughly wetted, the salts will have been solubilized and now it is only necessary to rinse them off.

Step 3. Rinse

It is highly recommended that a pressure washer be used for the rinse off step, but a hose may be used if a pressure washer is not available. The water to be used for the rinse is recommended to be of potable quality, though a lesser quality of water may be used if a small amount of CHLOR*RID DTS is added. Check with CHLOR*RID International, Inc. for recommendations on lesser quality rinse water. If flash rust is encountered or undesirable, a small amount of CHLOR*RID DTS may be added to the rinse water to avoid reduce flash rust. A dilution ratio of 50:1 is recommended for potable water, dependent upon water quality.

Safety Precautions

Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with other chemicals. See MSDS for full precautions prior to use.