Concrete Corrosion Mapping System by M.C. Miller

Perform a Corrosion Survey on Reinforced Concrete Structures

The M.C. Miller Concrete Corrosion Mapping System (CCMS) contains all equipment items that are needed to perform a corrosion survey on virtually all types of reinforced concrete structures, such as bridges, highway slabs and parking garages.  The system can be used to satisfy the ASTM C-876 standard test method.


The system includes:


Optional Accessories


Intermediate Electrode Extensions, 30" and 15" long. One or more can be used with MCM Model ETM, IA and LC series meters, or between the electrode and the standard electrode extension so that the electrode can be easily placed at the desire location inside manholes, water tanks, etc. Will fit through a 1" diameter augered hole.

       Antifreeze Solution                           Copper Sulfate Crystals                                        AGRA Reel
            #17105 - 8 oz                                         #16906 - 12 oz                                                    # 30501
           #17207 - 32 oz                                        #17003 - 40 oz                                     (wire supplied separately)