Contact Extender by Farwest Corrosion

Provides Direct Contact to Hard-to-Reach Pipes & Structures for CP Measurement

The Farwest Contact Extender helps cathodic protection technicians make safe, reliable contact to a variety of structures that may be difficult or unsafe to reach.  Made of fiberglass, it extends to 9.5 feet for access to overhead pipeline, through fences or into vaults.  It includes a 12 ft. coiled test lead cable and a replaceable file tip.


  • Eliminates the need for confined space entry
  • Reduces risk for electrical safety
  • Eliminates Climbing Hazard
  • Mitigates use of homemade devices 

Easy to Use

  • Replaceable contact probe
  • 12 foot coiled test-lead cable included
  • Telescoping rod extends to 9.5 feet in length

Durable Construction 

  • Fiberglass composition
  • Internal cable eliminates tangling
  • Slender design for precise access
  • Rubberized handle for controlled grip


  • Quick, easy means to make remote CP measurements 
  • Reduces field time and need to gain access to confined spaces
  • Lessens work fatigue