Copper-Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Accessories by Tinker & Rasor

Accessories for Tinker & Rasor Electrode's

The following products are common replacement parts and accessories for the Tinker & Rasor line of portable reference electordes.

Reference Electrode Tip Replacements:

  • #118-026 Flat Tip Ceramic for models 6A and 8A 
  • #118-027 Pointed Tip Ceramic for model 6B and 8B
  • #118-028 Flat Tip Ceramic for model 3A

Tube Replacements:

  • #118-011 4" Plastic Housing for models 6A or 6B
  • #118-012 6" Plastic Housing for model 8A or 8B

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes. Model 2A ...

There are a variety of accessory products for the T&R line of reference electrodes.  This includes:

  • #177-057 Extension Handle, 36" for Model 2-A (Pocket Size) Electrode
  • #177-056 Entension Handle, 36" for Models 6A, 6B, 8A and 8B Electrodes
  • #W-7 Water Proof Adapter for Models 6A, 6B, 8A and 8B Electrodes
  • #049-011 Copper-Sulfate Crystals 1 lb, 3 0z.
  • #049-012 Anti-Freeze Solution 32 oz.

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes | Tinker & Rasor

The two standard tips available on the 6" and 8" reference electrodes are the:

  • "A" Flat Tip
    • The "A" flat tip may be more versatile as the flat surface can be useful on a variety of electrolytes, such as soils, liquids and concrete.
  • "B" Pointed Tip
    • The "B" pointed tip has a cone shape, which can be easily buried in soils to ensure good contact with the electrolyte.

While the body of the half cell is printed with the tip type, all parts are interchangeable and an "A" or "B" tip can be put on any of the Models 6 and 8 reference electrodes. 

Both the flat and pointed tips are made to maximize the total surface area of the tip to ensure good contact area with the electrolyte. Mainly a user preference, there is no performance difference between the two types of tip.


Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes | Tinker & Rasor