CorrReader Pro by Cath-Tech

Record C.P. Data Such as Pipe-soil Potentials with Time & GPS Location


Designed for simple easy use, even by non-corrosion technicians

  • Records DC & AC, ON and OFF values with date, time, GPS location & any user comments.
  • Continuous logging of DC & AC, ON/OFF values up to 24 hours for each interruption cycle.
  • Simple, easy use, designed for use by non-corrosion technicians, all accessories included.
  • Internal GPS with programmable offset operates in local time.
  • SD card memory, no more hand written field notes!
  • Plain text *.csv file
  • No special software required
  • Waterproof 5 way binding posts for test leads.
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty. 


  • CorrReader Pro
  • Test leads with insulated alligator clips
  • Mini USB cable
  • Universal AC & 12V DC chargers
  • Cu/CuSO4 half cell
  • Carrying case
  • Operation manual 


DC Range

+/-10V, 0.1 mV precision, 0.05% full scale accuracy

AC Range

100V true RMS, 0.1V precision, 0.5% full scale accuracy

Input impedance 

20 MΩ

AC rejection 

50 Hz to 60 Hz < -80db

Operating temp 

5 to 55 degrees C


16x4 LCD sunlight readable high contrast display

User Interface 

Membrane switch tactile keypad with 6 keys


Long life 3.6V Li Ion battery recharged via USB


Waterproof external USB 2.0 interface to access internal micro SD card memory 


Internal to the unit

User Settings 

Cycle time (1sec to 6min), OFF time, Measurement Delay, Local Time


12.5cm x 5cm x 19cm, 5” x 2” x 7.5”


525 g, 1.2 lbs


IP65 rated, IEC61010-1 8.3.2 drop test 




Problem Possible Solution

CorrReader Pro won’t turn on 

Charge battery—plug in and press the power button 

No GPS lock 

Ensure the CorrReader Pro is outside with a clear view of the sky, move away from tall buildings 

Low or no DC voltage reading 

Check all cable connections

Remove half cell cap

Inspect test station, test station may be damaged

Move to another test station to confirm 

Stuck on the keyboard screen, can’t return to measurements 

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the ᴟ symbol in the upper right corner and press ENTER 

AC reading above 15V 

Potentially dangerous area, disconnect and follow company procedures 

No computer communication 

Turn the CorrReader Pro ON—a message will show on the CorrReader Pro screen

Use a maximum USB cable length of 2m (6’)