MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1ER Remote Monitoring for ER Corrosion Probes

Automated, Remote Monitoring to Virtually Any Type of Electrical Resistance Probe. Eliminate The Need To Perform Manual Measurements.

The RMU1ER is a low cost, high reliability device intended to monitor electrical resistance (ER) probes available in both satellite (RMU1ER-I) and cellular (RMU1ER-G) communication configurations. This compact, battery-operated device is small enough to fit inside a standard CP test station and provides accurate measurements of metal loss along with AC and DC potential of the ER probe. The RMU1ER operates for 5+ years from internal, low cost, field-replaceable batteries. This self-powered solution can be used to monitor coupons and bonds without the requirement for nearby line or solar power sources. The RMU1ER has integral high-energy surge suppression and provides unprecedented lightning immunity because there are no connections to electrical ground.

The RMU1ER monitors and transmits five channels of information. An integral IR proximity sensor can be used as a cap open sensor or tamper detection alarm. The RMU1ER measures temperature and internal battery voltage. A user accessible magnetic switch allows the transmission of uniquely identified messages that can be used to record site visit information.

When combined with CorView web analytics platform, pipeline operators can use a network of RMU1ER devices to instantly access measurement data and evaluate overall CP performance to identify areas of concern.

Key Benefits

  • Low capital equipment cost and high product reliability
  • Economical fixed rate operational communication costs
  • High measurement accuracy specified over full temperature range
  • Operation in -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F) temperatures
  • IP65 waterproof non-submersible enclosure
  • Primary battery will last for 5+ years (reporting plan dependent)
  • Datalogger storage of 1 million reading points


The RMU1ER provides these feasures:

  • Simple and very quick to install (typically under 20 minutes)
  • Measures most types of electrical resistance (ER) corrosion probes
  • Configurable ER probe geometry and thickness
  • Measures metal loss and ER probe AC & DC potential
  • Direct calculation and display of probe metal loss in mil
  • Auto-ranging measurement system provides high accuracy readings
  • Configurable alarm limits with alarm report exception transmission
  • Test station GPS position information transmitted to corView host
  • High measurement accuracy specified over full temperature range
  • Lightning and surge protected
  • Internal temperature measurement and reporting
  • 50/60Hz AC rejection for stable and accurate readings
  • True RMS AC potential measurements
  • 3½ digit wide-temperature LCD for local measurement display
  • Easy configuration using a free PC, iOS or Android application
  • Powered from a low-cost user replaceable internal battery
  • Battery will last for 7 to 10 years (reporting plan dependent)
  • Low capital equipment cost and high product reliability
  • Economical fixed rate operational communications costs
  • Satellite (RMU1ER-I) or LTE cellular (RMU1ER-G) communications
  • Small size 3.1” diameter x 4.4” (79mm diameter x 112mm) allows use within most standard CP test stations with optional cap extender
  • Optional test station cover removal alarm transmission to corView
  • IP65 waterproof non-submersible enclosure
  • Operating temperature range -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)