Custom Sealing Gaskets, by GPT

Custom sized and shaped sealing gaskets manufactured to precise customer specifications for mating surfaces of any configuration.


Custom sealing gaskets can be manufactured by PSI for flanges from 3/8” diameter and up. For added flexibility and to accommodate a wide variety of flange types, sealing elements may be positioned anywhere between the I.D. of the bolt circle and I.D. of the gasket. In addition, PSI has designed and installed large diameter sealing gaskets with two sealing elements to provide maximum protection and reliability. Custom shaped gaskets can be manufactured to precise customer specifications for sealing mating surfaces of any configuration.

Standard gaskets for flanges as well as custom gaskets have been field proven by PSI in the following industries:

  • Wood and Pulp Processing Mills
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pipeline and Distribution Piping
  • Production Fields
  • Shipboard Installations
  • Electric Power Generation Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • LNG and SNG Systems
  • Petroleum Marketing Facilities

LineBacker™ Screened Gasket

The LineBacker Screened Gasket (shown above) is manufactured for “clean” natural gas service. It is designed to reduce the possibility of contaminates entering meters and other gas handling equipment. Recommended by rotary meter manufacturers for use upstream of their meters, the LineBacker Screened Gasket can be placed between your flanges without re-engineering or repiping.

LineBacker® Gaskets Used in Olympic Flame Tower

The traditional "lighting of the torch" concluded a two-hour opening ceremony celebrating the start of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. While the identity of the "individual" who would light the flame had been kept a closely guarded secret, the crowd warmly greeted America's gold medal winning ice hockey team from 1980 with chants of "U-S-A" as they lit the flame.

The Olympic torch, designed and built by Wet Design, included 2-inch and 4-inch diameter 150ANSI LineBacker® gaskets. Chosen for their unmatched sealing reliability, LineBacker® gaskets were an integral part of a system that fueled an Olympic flame that was to burn brightly throughout the 2002 games.

How to Order Sealing Gaskets

Please provide the following information:

1.  Quantity
2.  Pipe Size
3.  Pressure Rating
4.  Retainer Material
5.  Sealing Element
6.  Note all special requirements
7.  Weld neck or slip-on application
8. C ontact Corrosion Control Products Company

ISO 9002 Quality Assurance

All PSI facilities are ISO 9002 certified with extensive quality control procedures in effect to insure total compliance with product performance and reliability standards. In addition, all PSI gaskets are clearly marked with the following information to guarantee that the correct gasket is used for its intended application.

  • Brand Name
  • Material Make-up (retainer/seal element)
  • Pipe Size
  • Pressure Rating
  • Date of Manufacture Stamp