DCPro Switch-Mode Cathodic Protection Power Supply by Farwest Corrosion

Highly Efficient, Pure DC Output Power with Precise Control

The DCPro Cathodic Protection Power Supply is a durable, switch-mode power supply that provides clean, efficient DC power. With the look of a conventional rectifier, the DCPro requires no computer interface and no confusing menus to navigate. Engage the main breaker and turn the single control knob to adjust the current output.

A bright color display, readable in direct sun, presents both analog and digital output voltage and current output levels with a message window that can provide additional operational messages.

With the DCPro, no longer are very specific output ratings required to overcome output adjustment limitations.


  • Simple to Operate
  • AC & DC Surge Protection 
  • Lightweight  Component Chassis 
  • Highly Efficient Power Conversion
  • Fully Solid-state  "Switch-Mode" Operation
  • Pure DC Output
  • Constant Current Output Technology
  • Simple Output Adjustment
  • 12-volt DC Power Supply for RMU and Portable Interrupter
  • Maintains Constant DC Current Output
  • Analog & Digital Current Output Readings 
  • Built-in Interrupter Interface
  • Test points for cross-checking meter accuracy
  • Pre-wired  RMU Terminal Strip
  • Rejects Induced AC
  • Operates on any single-phase power from 115 to 240 VAC without primary tap changes
  • Operates up to 55 degrees C with over-temperature  protection
  • Dead-front Panel and Side Shields
  • Two Power Output Choices eliminate the need for exact power  output rating

Product Advantages

  • High operating efficiency of 80 to 90%
  • Pure DC power output with no AC ripple
  • Lightweight  construction
  • Built-in interrupt interface
  • Built-in RMU interface
  • Variable AC input without AC input tap changes
  • Analog and digital output and status display
  • Over-temperature sensors and protection
  • Built-in DC power supply for RMU & portable interrupter
  • Standard "Dead Front" safety panel
  • Constant current  output control, 0.1  amp steps
  • 115 VAC convenience outlet with GFI protection
  • Standard  AC &  DC surge protection
  • Standard RMU terminal strip
  • Standard 3-door aluminum enclosure
  • ETL Certified


 An industry leading three-year warranty provided from the date of purchase.

The following provides the ordering details for the two output sizes available; 30 volt - 20 amp and 50 volt - 50 amp.

With the precise control standard with the DCPro, there is no need to order the exact DC output level you would order with a standard rectifier.  For instance, if you needed a 40-30 rectifier, you can now order a 50-50 DCPro and achieve the exact power output you need.  In addition, the DCPro can be shipped from stock to avoid weeks of waiting for a rectifier.


Model Code

Farwest Item No.

DC Output

AC Input

Weight in Pounds

Cabinet Types




115-240 VAC, Single Phase, 47-63 Hz


powder-coated white




115-240 VAC, Single Phase, 47-63 Hz


powder-coated white

FSMA 30-20 XX



115-240 VAC, Single Phase, 47-63 Hz


Power supply chassis only.
No cabinet.

FSMA 50-50 ALPC*


50V-50A or (2x) 50V-25A

115-240 VAC, Single Phase, 47-63 Hz


powder-coated white

FSMA 50-50 STPC*


50V-50A or (2x) 50V-25A

115-240 VAC, Single Phase, 47-63 Hz


powder-coated white

FSMA 50-50 XX*


50V-50A or (2x) 50V-25A

115-240 VAC, Single Phase, 47-63 Hz


Power supply chassis only.
No cabinet.

*The DCPro power supply in the 50-volt, 50-amp output configuration can easily be field configured to provide controlled current to two separate structures.

The DCPro was designed and built as a "two sizes fits most" approach, which may provide a solution for approximately 80% of cathodic protection demand.  If a customer requires more output current, the DCPro may not be the solution.  However, it is also important to remember that DCPro units can be linked together to double the output DC voltage.  Therefore, two 30 volt, 20 amp power supplies can be made to achieve 60 volts and 20 amps if required.

Click here to download DCPro product data sheet

Click here to download DCPro VS Conventional Rectifier Brochure