Protal Air Cartridge Gun & Accessories, by Denso

Repair coating for damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines.

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Denso Protal Air Cartridge Gun
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The Protal Air Cartridge Gun can be used in a wide variety of spray applications using Protal Liquid Coatings. It is designed for use where fast and easy setup, no clean up, minimal material waste and minimal equipment maintenance is needed. The Protal Air Cartridge Gun comes with adjustable atomizing spray nozzles and static mixer assemblies. It is based on a reliable design with proven dependability and service. The Protal Air Cartridge Gun has a quick connect/disconnect hose assembly for easy attachment of air lines to the spray manifold. The atomizer air line is also equipped with an air fl ow regulator and pressure gauge to properly control the air fl ow and spray pattern. Protal Repair Cartridges should be heated to 120°F to ensure optimal mix and spray results.


Repair coating for damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines. Also used as coating of Cadweld areas.



  • Low cost, easy to use, lightweight and portable
  • Uses a spray manifold/static mixer assembly
  • Dispensing is accomplished with an economical modifi ed air gun that provides controlled
  • Added control of airfl ow volume and pressure allows for complete material mixing and


1.0 Attach Forward Handle & Regulator

1.1 Attach the forward handle to the front plate by threading it into the hole.

1.2 Thread T-fi tting into air inlet on handle of gun. The nozzle air pressure adjustment knob should point towards the ground, and the nozzle air supply hose connection should point toward the nozzle end of the applicator.

1.3 Attach the air supply hose quick disconnect fitting to the T-fi tting.

Note: Confi rm the quick-disconnect fitting is the proper size for your air supply hose. Other fi ttings may be substituted if needed.

1.4 Push the nozzle air hose fi rmly onto the connector on the regulator.

1.5 Make sure the ball valve is closed before attaching air supply hose to the unit.

2.0 Attach Mix Nozzle to Cartridge

2.1 Stand cartridge assembly with outlet end up.

2.2 Place the bell end of the mix nozzle over the cartridge outlet. Press firmly to seat the nozzle.

2.3 Thread the nut assembly clockwise onto the cartridge outlet and tighten securely.

3.0 Install Cartridge In Applicator

3.1 Heat Protal Repair Cartridge to 120°F to ensure optimal mix and spray results.

3.2 Before installing cartridges into gun, hold gun in a vertical position pointing in a safe direction away from yourself and other personnel. This will reduce the chance of material drooling into the mixer bell housing causing premature cure of material in mixer.

3.3 Place the large end of the cartridge assembly (piston seal end) over the two ejector plates of the applicator, pushing the cartridge assembly towards the air
cylinder, snapping the cartridge into place. Ensure that the cartridge assembly is properly seated in cradle of gun and ejector plates and rod assembly are properly aligned in applicator.

3.4 Attach elbow connector on nozzle air hose fi rmly onto the nozzle inlet.

4.0 Using the Protal Air Cartridge Gun

4.1 Point applicator upward and attach air supply hose to the regulator. The air supply pressure should be 90-110 psi.

4.2 Purge cartridge and nozzle by first pointing the nozzle up and pulling the trigger just long enough to fi ll the mix nozzle with material; release the trigger
before actually dispensing material from the nozzle. Second, point the nozzle into a waste receptacle and dispense approximately a one-half nozzle-length of
potentially unmixed material.

Note: Do not open the ball valve until after the cartridge and nozzle have been purged.

4.3 Point the nozzle in a safe direction and open the ball valve to start the air flow to the nozzle.

4.4 Turn regulator knob to adjust air pressure to 35 psi.

4.5 Pull trigger to spray. Release to stop spraying.

4.6 Close the ball valve to stop the air flow to the nozzle.

5.0 Remove Cartridge from Applicator

5.1 While pressing the air return button, pull the trigger to retract the ejector plates from the cartridge. Or, push the return pusher toward the air cylinder to retract the ejector plates from the cartridge.

5.2 Remove the air supply hose from the regulator.

5.3 Remove the elbow connector on nozzle air hose from the nozzle inlet.

Note: Do not discard the 90° elbow connector. It is not necessary to remove the connector from the nozzle air hose.

5.4 While holding back the return pusher, push the cartridge assembly towards the air cylinder and lift out of the applicator cradle.

5.5 Partially-used cartridges may be reused by removing and discarding the nozzle and resealing the cartridge with the original plug. Be sure to realign
the plug according to the A and B compounds.

Note: Refer to the Protal Liquid Coatings MSDS (Parts A and B) and applicable regulations or authorities for waste disposal.

6.0 Cleaning

6.1 Wipe off excess coating material with a clean rag and a small amount of solvent, avoiding getting solvent on regulator and piston housing.