DryConn Direct Bury Lug by King Innovations

New product designed for use with Utility Tracer Lines. Makes installation of Service Lines faster and easier.


  • For use with low voltage tracer lines under 50 volts.
  • Waterproof.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • One piece for easy installation.
  • Installs in one minute or less, not including wire stripping.
  • Wire range #14 - #10 AWG.
  • High impact housing with user friendly design to prevent cuts or handling discomfort.
  • Pre-filled with silicone.
  • Approved for direct bury.
  • No cutting of the main service line required.
King Innovation's DryConn® Waterproof Direct Bury Lug is used with utility tracer lines to splice service lines without cutting the main line.

The Direct Bury Lug was designed for contractors in the gas utility market to reduce the amount of time required for a splice. The one-piece, silicone-filled lug is easily installed in less than one minute (not including wire stripping). Ideal for use in low voltage wiring, including cathodic protection systems, test leads, tracer wire, landscape irrigation, landscape lighting, and golf.

In addition to being waterproof and corrosion proof, the Direct Bury Lug has a wire range from #14 to #10 AWG and features a high impact housing with rounded edges to prevent cuts or handling discomfort. The connector is approved for direct bury and can be used with low voltage tracer lines under 50 Volts.

King Innovation is the creator of DryConn™ Waterproof Connectors, America's patented silicone-filled wire connectors.

Product Specs

  • Max. Voltage: 50V
  • Connector Size: 1.18” x 2.04” x 2.57"
  • Wire Range:
        #14-8 Solid Copper
        #14-6 Stranded Copper
        #14-10 Steel Core Tracer Wire (CCS)
  • Conductor O.D. Range: .124” - .408”
  • Silicone Sealant Temperature Rating: -45°F to 400°F


Application Instructions

  1. Strip main and tap conductor(s) to 5/8 inch (width of lug).
  2. Place stripped conductor(s) into side A or B. See note below.
  3. Torque to 35 lb-in.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for adjacent side.
  5. Remove sealant cover and discard.
  6. Close housing, aligning conductors until housing lid is fully latched.
  7. Do not reuse.

Note: Use side A for uncut main or tap conductors. See Figure 1. When splicing multiple tap conductors on side A or B, use only like gauge and type (solid/stranded). Do not install multiple conductors into the same lug opening. See Figure 2.

Side A

  • (1 Main or 1-2 Tap) #14 - 10 Solid and Stranded Copper
  • (1 Main or 1-2 Tap) #14 - 10 Solid and Stranded Copper Tracer Wire
  • (1 Main or 1-2 Tap) #12 Steel Core Tracer Wire. (380 and 1200 pound)


Side B

  • (1-2 Tap) #14 - 10 Solid and Stranded Copper
  • (1-2 Tap) #14 - 10 Solid and Stranded Copper Tracer Wire
  • (1-2 Tap) #12 Steel Core Tracer Wire (380 and 1200 pound)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What gauge wires will the Direct Bury Lug handle?
A:  #14 - #10 stranded or solid AWG

Q:  Is the Direct Bury Lug easy to use?
A:  Yes. It is a one-piece waterproof lug that is quick and easy to install.

Q:  Will using the Direct Bury Lug save time?
A:  It will take less than one minute to install, excluding time for wire stripping.

Q:  Can I use the Direct Bury Lug with 600 volts?
A:  No. The Direct Bury Lug is designed to be used with 50 volts maximum.

Q:  Can the lug be submerged indefinitely?
A:  No.

Q:  I use a split bolt and mastic. Why is the Direct Bury Lug better?
A:  The Direct Bury Lug will save time and money because it is one piece and quick and
     easy to install. It does not require any special tools, tapes, or mastics.

Q:  Can I use the connector more than once?
A:  No. Once you open the connector and remove the wires, the silicone materials will be taken out.

Q:  How is the Direct Bury Lug waterproof?
A:  The Direct Bury Lug is pre-filled with silicone that disperses itself once the box is latched shut.

Q:  What is the temperature rating of the silicon?
A:  -45°F to 400°F

Q:  What is a "J" channel?
A:  The "J" channel is a channel that allows for tapping of a wire without cutting.

Q:  Do I need any special tools to install the Direct Bury Lug?
A:  The only tools required are wire strippers and a slotted screwdriver.

Q:  Where can I purchase the Direct Bury Lug?
A:  From Farwest Corrosion Control Company!