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Electrobraze pin braze by Farwest Corrosion

Innovative New Pin Brazing Equipment, Designed Through Experience for use in Extreme Environments and Remote Locations.

Electrobraze pin braze by Farwest Corrosion


The Farwest Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System is designed to simplify cathodic protection {CP) cable connections to a variety of steel structures. The Electrobraze gun and accessories are ideal for CP connections such as negative cables, test station connections, sacrificial anodes, and similar cable connections.

In reliable operation for more than 10 years, this product and its technology is now available to the U.S cathodic protection market.

At the heart of the Electrobraze system is the ZE7000 pin braze gun. This tool is adaptable to all pin brazing needs, including down-hole applications (with the optional extension lance). With a simplified system and ergonomic design, the Electrobraze  Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System provides reliable pin braze connections and reduces operating costs.

Several battery pack sizes are available for various levels of field usage. Smaller jobs can be made more convenient with the light-weight battery pack, while more extensive applications may call for one of the larger battery packs.


Pin Brazing Gun

ZE7000 Pin Brazing gun is Long Reach as Standard, both Welding Generator and Pin Brazing Battery Pack Compatible comes complete with Custom Fitted Peli-Storm case Enclosure, Toolkit, Pin and Ferrule Collets of your choice and has a range of Bolt-on Accessories.



  • Lightweight and well balanced – Only 2.0kg (4.4Lbs)
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Precision Bearing Technology
  • Fine Braze Adjustment System
  • Fail-Safe, Auto Reset Trigger Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Operating Temperature Range -40o C (-40o F) to 80o C (176o F)
  • Compatible with Fuse wire controlled Direct and Threaded Brazing Pins
  • Designed for both Welding Generator and Battery Pack power supply.



  • Unique Adjustment Mechanism allows for a safer and easier set-up.
  • Precision Bearing Solenoid Control
  • Adjustable Braze Timing Control to combat URHD
  • Adjustable grip size, Quick-release Ergonomic Pistol grip
  • Extremely Durable all-weather HPXTM Water Proof Resin Enclosure
  • Toolkit and Spares Compartment



  • Heavy-Duty Utility Upgrade, consisting – SurefireTM LED Mounted Flashlight for Low Visibility conditions or Confined Space Works, Bungee Sling and Mountings
  • Integral Magnetic Earth/Return system
  • Extension-Lance for Vacuum Excavation Urban Retrofitting


General Safety Precautions

  • Minimum distance for bystanders must be at least 3 meters from the operator and all Grinding preparation and bonding processes
  • Operator must be familiar and have carried out an appropriate Risk Assessment of the environment before the commencement of all Pin Brazing and associated operations.
  • Operator under the supervision of a qualified instructor or be certified by Electrobraze Limited (or an Electrobraze Limited approved agent) and have carried out training during a period of no longer than 12 months prior to commencement of Pin Brazing Operations.
  • Always wear safety equipment such as goggles, ear, eye protection, safety shoes and suitable overalls or safety clothes for grinding and welding work.
  • Do not inspect or clean the tool whilst the battery power source is connected, accidental arcing can cause serious injury.
  • Ensure battery charging in only done in a dry environment, attaching the battery charger in the rain or near standing water presents an electric shock hazard. Read the safety and operation manual provided with the battery charger before use.
  • Do not exceed the rated limits of the equipment or use the tool for applications for which have not been designed.
  • Always utilize genuine Electrobraze Limited components when servicing the equipment or replacing parts
  • Operators must ensure that all prequalification testing has been thoroughly carried out and approved by the specifying authority before the commencement of the use of this equipment and its associated equipment or consumables. 

Common Kits and Equipment Options

Model Code Farwest Item Number Production Description
ZE3608  13-26205 Pin Braze Kit: Includes ZE7000 gun, 8-amp "light" battery pack, grinder, 8mm direct pin & ferrule holder, tool kit, Pelican case, ground device & cables. 
ZE3613 13-26200  Pin Braze Kit: Includes ZE7000 gun, 13-amp heavy-duty battery pack, grinder, 8mm direct pin & ferrule holder, tool kit, Pelican case, ground device & cables.
 ZE7000  13-26212   Pin Braze Gun: Includes tool kit, Pelican case, extra Pin and ferrule holder.
 EXL7000 13-26215   Extension Lance for down-hole connections. Used with ZE7000 pin braze gun. (Heavy-duty battery pack recommended.) 
 PCH7000M8 13-26200  Pin holder for M8 threaded pins. 
PCH7000M10 13-26222 Pin holder for MlO threaded pins. 
 FCH70008MM 13-26231  Ferrule holder for threaded pins.  

Common Kits and Equipment Options

Model Code Farwest Item Number Production Description
BPFD8SF620  13-26240 Direct Braze Pin, 8mm (100 per package) 
BPFM8SF620  13-26250 Threaded Braze Pin, M8 (SO per package) 
BPFM10SF620   13-26251 Threaded Braze Pin, MlO (40 per package) 
CF0800  13-26260 Ceramic Ferrule, 8mm Direct Pins (200 per package) 
 CF12 13-26262 Ceramic Ferrule, Threaded Pins (100 per package) 
DCLAWG8  13-26272 Crimp terminal/cable lug, #8 AWG cable (100 per package) 
 DCLAWG6  13-26270 Crimp terminal/cable lug, #6 AWG cable (100 per package) 
DCLAWG4  13-26274 Crimp terminal/cable lug, #4 AWG cable (100 per package) 



Pin Brazing Gun

Remove the Pin Brazing Gun form the HPX enclosure, ensuring that the Brazing Gun is clean, dry and free from Oil, etc.

Note: If the Bin Brazing Gun is being used for the first time that it should be in full working order and show no signs of being used previously. I this is not the case then contact your dealer immediately.

1 - Pre- Loading Checks 

  • Ensure that all screws and fixings are tight and in-place, missing fasteners must e replaced.
  • Ensure that all bolt-on items including Handle Butt, Folding Fore-grip (optional), LED Torch and Mount(optional), Integral Earth Return System (optional), Sling and sling Mounting (optional) are all properly secured
  • Carefully Depress the Ejector pin (Fig 1) to ensure that the Solenoid core is free from obstruction (do not force the ejector button as damage may occur to the ejector pin assembly inside the electromagnet)
Fig 1 Fig 2  Fig 3 

  • If the ejector button will not compress fully, remove and replace the copper Contact Nozzle at the front of the gun - See Pin Brazing Gun Maintenance - Section No2.
  • Depress the trigger switch (Fig 2) to ensure this moves freely into the closed position. This should automatically spring open once released.
  • Attach the required Pin Holder Collet (Allen Key Provided). This is achieved first removing the Ferrule Holder and loosening the single screw inside the 5mm aperture detailed in fig 3

Fig 5  Fig 6 
  • Attach the required Ferrule Collet (Fig 5) and secure into the housing using the 3 Socket Set Screws detailed in Fig 6 (Allen Key provided) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN SCREWS as this may damage the internal threads.

4 - Loading and Adjustment

  • Select the required Brazing Pin, ensure the Fuse Wire is not damaged or bent and the kinked end of the fuse is intact – Insert the Pin fully into the Pin Collet (Fig 7)(Ferrule holder removed for clarity of image only), ensuring the Fuse wire is threaded through the fuse wire guide bush located within the Pin Collet Housing. Note: The Pin Should be a very tight fit. If this is not the case then the Pin Collet must be removed and adjusted accordingly by evenly compressing the jaws closer together or alternatively prizing them further apart. 

Fig 7  Fig 8 
  • Insert the compatible Ceramic Ferrule into the Ferrule Holder. Note: The Ferrule Should be a very tight fit (Fig 8). If this is not the case then the Ferrule Holder must be removed and the Collet adjusted accordingly by evenly compressing the jaws closer together or alternatively prizing them further apart. 

5 – Adjustment and Calibration

  • Press the Pin against the prepared Bright Metallic substrate surface (if making a cable attachment, insert the pin through the eye of the pre-selected Cable Lug or Tab, and then against the substrate surface) and fully depress the Pin Brazing Gun Solenoid until the Ceramic Ferrule is pressed against the Substrate (or the predetermined attachment Lug or Tab). Hold Steady and make sure the Pin Brazing gun and Ferrule are sitting flush against the substrate (Fig 10) or Lug (Fig 9).

Fig 9  Fig 10 

  • Check the Adjustment Level at the rear of the Pin Brazing Gun – Without Releasing the Solenoid - rotate the Adjustment Bezel (fig 11) at the rear of the gun accordingly until when depressed the Copper Marker tube at the base of the spring is aligned with the rear brass bush (Fig 12) .

Fig 11  Fig 12 

  • Once set, the brazing gun is now ready for normal pin brazing operation, but depending on any varying braze characteristics (usually due to environmental temperature extremes) can be adjusted or fine-tuned as required by rotating the Adjustment Bezel (up to one-third of a rotation either side of the above setting) Anti-clockwise for a longer braze time or alternatively clockwise for a shorter time. Note that the bezel can also be rotated beyond any notable resistance when turning in order to counter the presence of any Ferrule “hang-up”.

Pin Brazing Operation

1 - Charging of Battery Unit

When being used for the first time, please ensure that your Electrobraze Battery Unit has been fully charged for at least 24 hours. The Battery pack must then be kept on charge at all times when not in use, in storage or in transit utilizing a pre-approved Electrobraze Mains or In-Vehicle Battery Pack Charger. Note that these charger units are equipped with a Float mode which will not overcharge the Battery Pack.

Electrobraze Pin Brazing Guns are not cross-compatible with any other Pin Brazing Manufacturers Power Supply or Battery Unit. Electrobraze Battery Units and Electrobraze Pre-approved Power Inverters are the only suitable means of ensuring your Pin Brazing Gun and connection type will perform properly and not cause damage. Attaching Any Electrobraze Pin Brazing Gun to the alternative power supply may permanently damage your Pin Brazing Gun, substrate material and other equipment being used. It may also result in serious injury or death of the operator.

  • Welding Generator / Inverter Power Supply

When utilizing a Welding Generator or Inverter power supply this must be adjusted as follows: 250Amps, Negative DC Earth, 40V. Results may vary due to power supply, but Amps should be finely adjusted in either direction in order to facilitate a braze time between 1.5 and 2 seconds only.

2 - Preparation of Surface
WARNING – Eye protection must be worn before commencing any grinding operation

Surface to be brazed must be of bright finish, oil-free and as dry as possible. Please ensure that any moisture left behind by a chemical de-greasing agent is thoroughly removed before brazing, as this may be flammable. 

We recommend that the surface be prepared using a pre-approved Electrobraze grinding machine and abrasive Mounted Point or Carbide Burr. However, any suitable surface preparation tool able to remove sufficient surface material to provide the necessary bright metallic finish with no residual contamination or impregnation of contaminates into the substrate material should be acceptable. Surface Preparation area required for direct and threaded Brazing is a bright metallic section approximately 20mm diameter. The surface Preparation area is also required for attachment of desired earth device, the location should be wherever practicably appropriate and (depending on Earth Device type)whilst attached to the same substrate section should be as far away from Pin Brazing operations as is practicable. 

Once prepared, the surface must be brazed within one hour before oxidization re-occurs.

Pin Brazing

  • Attach the Earth Device Cable to the NEGATIVE (-) pole on the Pin Brazing Battery Pack – push and twist tight.
  • Attach the Earth Device Magnet to the Cable – Push and twist tight.
  • Making sure the Earth Device magnet plates are clean and free from pitting or damage – Firmly attach the Magnet to the Pre-prepared Bright Metallic Surface on the same substrate which requires Brazing.

Note: The Earth Device location must be as far away as is practicable so as to ensure it does not become damaged by the Pin Brazing arc or spatter. 

  • Attach the Pin Brazing Gun cable to POSITIVE (+) pole on the Pin Brazing Battery Pack – Push and Twist Tight.
  • Attach the Pin Brazing Gun cable (free end) to the POSITIVE (+) connector on the rear of the Pin Brazing Gun – Push and twist tight.

WARNING: The Pin Brazing Gun is now live and care must be taken to not depress the trigger accidentally.

  • Press the Pin against the prepared Bright Metallic substrate surface once more (if making a cable attachment, insert the pin through the eye of the pre-selected Cable Lug or Tab, and then against the substrate surface) and Fully depress the Pin Brazing Gun Solenoid until the Ceramic Ferrule is pressed against the Substrate (or the predetermined attachment Lug or Tab).
  • Hold Steady and make sure the Pin Brazing gun and Ferrule are sitting flush against the substrate or Lug.
  • Check your Adjustment Bezel is aligned with the Copper marker tube at the rear of the gun.
  • Hold steady and click the trigger into the closed position when ready – ALWAYS MAINTAIN PRESSURE ON THE TRIGGER – The Pin Brazing Process is automatically timed and should last approximately 2 seconds. 

Note: Operator must remain perfectly still during the Pin Brazing process.

WARNING: Do not look directly at arc - Attention must be maintained to the workpiece so it is recommended that the operator wears a minimum Shade-5 safety goggle. 

  • Once the process is complete - release the trigger, which should automatically click into the open position and hold steady for 3 seconds before pulling the Pin Brazing Gun vertically (straight up) away from the attached Brazing Pin. 
  • Push the Ejector Button and eject the remaining section of fuse wire material from inside the Brazing Pin Collet Housing – REMEMBER don’t force the button. 
  • Scrape away and dispose of the Ceramic Ferrule.

WARNING – Ceramic Ferrule will be very hot 

Note: - Ferrule must only be used for one Braze

  • Direct Pin Brazing Test - Take a 1lb hammer and test the connection by tapping the disposable shank away – The shank should freely break away leaving Tab/Lug attached securely

Note: Do not strike the connection directly

  • Threaded Stud Test – Take a 1lb Nylon/soft hammer and tap the base of the stud 3 times taking care not to damage the threads.

Pin Brazing Gun Maintenance

1 -Switch Contacts

Note: Overtime Contacts will become charred and pitted, these must be inspected regularly at the end of each shift week or 100 connections, whichever comes first. 

WARNING: Contacts with excessive pitting or wear will cause defective Brazing results and may result in damage to your Pin Brazing Gun – Contacts should always be replaced (as a pair)

Switch Contacts are accessible by removing the Positive (Male) DINSE Socket from the Trigger and Switch Housing – Lower Barrel of the Pin Brazing Gun (Allen Key Provided) (Fig 13)

Fig 13  Fig 14 


  • Remove securing 3no Socket Cap Screws (Allen Key Provided) at the rear of the Trigger Switch Housing – Lower Barrel of the Pin Brazing Gun.
  • Pull out the DINSE Socket and housing bush.
  • Inspect and clean the Flat Contact using Emery cloth or a flat-file - Remove from the housing if necessary (14mm Box Spanner provided turning anti-clockwise to loosen) fig 14.
  • Once Cleaned this can be re-installed and fully tightened into the DINSE Socket Mount.
  • Flat Contact should be set so that the circuit is complete when the trigger is 50% closed.

Note: The contacts can be adjusted forward on their mounting threads in order to make up for any wear – Brass spacer washers may be packed behind the contacts to enable these to be tightened.

  • Using the 14mm Box Spanner provided – Remove the Domed Contact located within the lower gun barrel (turning anti-clockwise to loosen) – Clean or replace as instructed above, avoid distorting the convex form of the Domed Contact through excessive cleaning

2 - Copper Contact Tip

  • Should the contact Tip (Fig 15) become damaged or blocked by rogue spatter or wear it must be replaced Note: Never attempt to repair the damaged nozzle.

 Fig 15    Fig 16 
Fig 17    Fig 18  

  • Expose the nozzle by first removing the entire front Cylinder section of the Pin Brazing Gun (Fig 16), remove the heat shield and Pin Holder complete (Fig 18) by loosening the 3No screws (Allen key provided) at the base of the heat shield. 
  • Remove the Copper Contact Nozzle Using the 6mm Open Ended Spanner Provided (turning anticlockwise to loosen) (Fig 17)

WARNING – Do not allow center Shaft to rotate this will damage the inner Electromagnet Coil. This should be supported for leverage using the Allen key provided (Fig 17)

  • Inspect the Heat Shield and Pin Holder (Fig 18) for damage and replace if necessary.
  • Screw a new Contact Tip into position and tighten fully against the main shaft (Spanner Provided) ensuring no gap or threads are visible between the two components. Reassemble Heat Shield and depress fully against the steel Return Spring Compression bush, before tightening 3 No screws and reattaching Brazing gun Front Cylinder.

4 – Cables and Sockets 

WARNING: Before attempting any Pin Brazing Operation check all cables, sockets and plugs for security, wear, exposed wires, etc -Failure to do so could result in Fire, Personal Injury or Permanent Damage to your Pin Brazing Equipment. 

Brazing Gun Cable – Should be Cleaned and inspected for damage to insulation, exposed copper wire or lose Plugs and sockets. Repairs should not be attempted. 

Earth Device

Earth Device Cable – Should be Cleaned and inspected for damage to insulation, exposed copper wire or lose Plugs and sockets. Repairs should not be attempted.

1 - Earth Device Clamp – Various Earth Device Clamps are available and must be replaced when worn or damaged.

  • Magnetic Earth Devices can be cleaned and de-pitted using a flat hand file only.
  • Magnetic Plates may need securing screws tightening periodically

Note: To increase the life of your cable accessories attempts should be made to clean all Cables and respective Earth device mechanisms including contact plates after use and before storage. 


Pin Brazing Battery Pack Compatible Micro-Grinder

Due to increasing concern over the potential negative effects of excessive grinding during Pin Brazing Surface preparation, the unique SMG50 Pin Brazing Battery Pack compatible device utilizes a Carbide Burr for speed of installation, but when compared to existing devices can dramatically reduce Substrate disruption whilst providing the ideal surface conditions for Pin Brazing.


  • Keyless Chuck
  • Detachable 2.5 Metre Cable
  • Electrobraze Pin Brazing Battery Pack Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Low Voltage

Output 40 W
Speed, no load 20,000 RPM
Cable with plug 3M
Weight according to EPTA 0.25 kg
Chuck -
Max Collet Ø 3.2 mm

Pin Brazing System - Elite 36v Mains Battery Charger 
The Elite series Electrobraze Pin Brazing Battery Pack charger is designed using Pro-Duty, transformer-based technology. Based around a Toroidal design giving low profile compact size and maximum durability, this charger is fully automatic and self-test startup is included each time the charger is turned on. Highly accurate - Mains '0' crossing - voltage measurement is incorporated in the design.
  • Temperature compensation for extreme environments 
  • Switchable 110V / 240V input 
  • Pro-Duty rugged construction 
  • 4 stage charge cycle 
  • Proportional timing 
  • Overrun protection 
  • Short circuit protection 
  • Soft start current control 
  • 3 lamp LED indication

Output                      36V 2A     
Bulk 44.4V
Float 41.4V
Connector Neutrik Multi-Pin  
Weight (Kg) 3.5
Dimensions (L x W x H)    170 x 140 x 95 mm  


CF0800 - 8mm Standard Ceramic Ferrule
CF12 - 12mm Ceramic Ferrule for Threaded Brazing Pins

Pin Brazing AWG Direct Connection Crimp Terminals

Electrobraze Crimp Terminals are precision manufactured to ensure optimum capillary gap for joint strength and integrity, whilst also allowing excess heat created during initiation of the Pin Brazing Arc to flow freely away from the Substrate material and reduce the risk of any unnecessary damage.

AWG Sizes 

Part No Cable Size Description        Pin type Pack Quantity   
DCLAWG14 AWG14 Direct Connector    8mm 50
DCLAWG12 AWG12 Direct Connector  8mm 50
DCLAWG10 AWG10 Direct Connector 8mm 50
DCLAWG8 AWG8 Direct Connector 8mm 50
DCLAWG6 AWG6 Direct Connector 8mm 50
DCLAWG4 AWG4 Direct Connector 8mm 50
DCLAWG2 AWG2 Direct Connector 8mm 50
All Crimp Terminals require no additional reducing sleeves or inserts

Silver FlowTM Cadmium Free Silver Brazing Pins

Electrobraze Silver FlowTM Brazing Pins are precision manufactured to provide optimum in-field performance ensuring joint strength, reliability, and integrity. Completely Cadmium Free, we provide a much safer and more versatile range of silver alloy Brazing Pins than ever previously available.

Brazing Pins containing Silver Flow 620 Specialist Application Alloy for Pipeline Materials.

Fused Brazing Pin

Part No Size Description Alloy Pack Qty Ceramic
 BPF8DSF620  8mm  8mm Direct Brazing Pin with Fuse Wire  SF620  100 CF0800
 BPFM6SF620 M6   M6 Threaded Brazing Pin with Fuse Wire  SF620  50 CF12
 BPFM8SF620 M8   M8 Threaded Brazing Pin with Fuse Wire  SF620 50  CF12
 BPFM10SF620 M10   M10 Threaded Brazing Pin with Fuse Wire  SF620 40  CF12 
 BPFM12SF620 M12   M12 Threaded Brazing Pin with Fuse Wire  SF620 20  CF12 
Note: All Threaded Brazing Pins supplied with 304 Stainless Steel Nyloc Nuts and Washers as standard.

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