Magnesium Anode Ribbon for Cathodic Protection by Farwest Corrosion

Extruded Ribbon with Steel Core for Sacrificial Anode Applications

Extruded Magnesium Rod Anodes for Cathodic Protection

Extruded magnesium anode ribbon is a flexible anode materials generally used in high resistivity water or soil.  Due to the ribbon's greater surface area to weight ration, magnesium ribbon can provide higher current outputs when compared to other magnesium anodes.

Magnesium Ribbon Alloy

Material Mg % AI % MN % Zn % SI %
Cu %
Ni %
Fe %
Other imp.
% max 
each total
High Current Alloy Bal. 0.010
- - 0.02 0.001 0.03 0.05 0.30

Magnesium Anode Ribbon Size & Weight

The anode ribbon is available in only one size, which is a 3/8" x 3/4" rectangle (+/- 0.015") with 1/8" radius corners.  A 0.135" galvanized steel core wire is embedded in the length of anode and the anode ribbon weighs approximately 0.243 pounds per lineal foot.

Manufactured in standard 1, 000 foot coils, Farwest can provide custom or specified configurations as follows:

  • Cut to a specified length (below 1,000 feet)  and supplied with plain ends
  • Cut to a specified length with the core wire exposed on one or both ends
  • Cut to a specified length and supplied with a cable lead wire for connection to a structure (specify the cable size, insulation type and length)