Water Tight Cathodic Protection Rectifier, Model ES-WT

All completed units are pressurize-tested under water for leaks.

Farwest's Model ES-WT is a watertight rectifier for use in underground utility vaults that are subject to flooding. With a maximum output of 200 watts, Model ES-WT can be used where conventional rectifiers would fail in flooding conditions. 
All completed units are pressurize-tested under water for leaks.

  • 14 gauge, 316L stainless steel cabinet
  • Dimensions 8” x 9” x16”
  • Gasketed door is bolted on all four sides for positive sealing
  • Unique lip-out case design eliminates sharp edges inside case
  • All components mounted on easy access slide-out chassis
  • Watertight gland fittings for all three openings
  • 35 Amp encapsulated silicon diode bridge
  • Heavy-duty design transformer w/ 800 cm/a min. wire size
  • Silk-screened panel
  • Fast Acting AC & DC lightning protection
  • All-circuit breaker protection (no fuses)
  • External 50 mV shunt
  • Rugged moving magnet ammeter

Available Sizes 

Model Number DC Output Voltage DC Output Current
ES-WT 12-5 12V 5A
ES-WT 12-10 12V 10A
ES-WT 20-5 20V 5A
ES-WT 20-10 20V 10A
ES-WT 30-5 30V 5A
ES-WT 40-5 40V 5A


ES Utility Line Rectifier Ordering Guide

Configure an 8-position model number like ES-I-V 20-5
Positions from left to right are as follows:

Position #1: Model

ES-I = ES Utility Rectifier

ES-II =ES Utility Rectifier

Position #2: Output Control Type

S = Standard Rectifier (Manual taps)
V = Variac Control
E = Constant Voltage Control (ES-II only)

D = Constant Current Control (ES-II only)
P = Constant Potential Control (ES-II only)
M = Multiple Modes (ES-II only)

Position #3: DC Output Voltage*

List DC Voltage Desired (6V, 12V, 20V, 30V or 40V)

Position #4: DC Current Output*

List DC Current Desired (5A or 10A))

Position #5: Special or Optional Features

H = Hour Meter (ES-II only)

K = Red or Green Status Lights ((ES-II only)

* Combinations are 6V-5A, 6V-10A, 12V-5A, 12V-10A, 20V-5A, 20V-10A, 30V-5A,  40V-5A