Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) 120 Spacers by Glas Mesh Company

Standardized corrosion control and anti-wear products for metal and plastic piping. 120 spacers used with Epoxy Seam Sealer are a cost effective, long term solution to above grade crevice corrosion.

IMPORTANT: When bonding FRP Spacers to pipe do not use one part construction / industrial adhesives, sealants, or caulks because they do not have appropriate physical properties for this type of application. Example: Moisture cured urethane construction adhesive

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Product Name Qty
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 2" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 3" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 4" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 6" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 8" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 10" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 12" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 14" dia. Pipe
Insulation Spacer, FRP Type No. 120, 16" dia. Pipe


Having been a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) manufacturer and fabricator since 1965, Glas Mesh Company set as objectives (1) the development and marketing of several new and standardized FRP products for use by industry corrosion control engineers and technicians, and (2) insulating products suitable for the prevention of electrical contact shorts on buried and exposed pipelines or mains. Until recently, companies simply used whatever they happened to have on the job site. After a comprehensive development program, Glas Mesh Company designed and began fabricating a line of corrosion and abrasion control products specifically shaped for piping and particularly useful to the gas, oil and chemical industries. These new FRP products are standardized, work effectively and are economical to use. They are also immediately available from stock.

The first of Glas Mesh Company's line of FRP products was the highly successful Roll-On Shield, which stops corrosive and electrolytic wear of ferrous metal suspended or overhead pipe mains effectively and economically. FRP Roll-On Shields also eliminate or materially reduce hot or cold energy loss on thermally insulated pipe mains and serve to control abrasion and wear on plastic piping systems. Roll-On Shields are pre-shaped 240o peripherally.

Today Glas Mesh Company provides a complete line of FRP corrosion and abrasion control products: FRP Insulation Spacers, FRP Roll-On Shields, FRP Pipe Saddles, FRP Casing Insulators, and FRP Flatties. All are pre-formed and fabricated for specific functional uses.

Why FRP?

When considering the advantages of modern plastics (light weight , ease of handling and installation, high dielectric strength, no corrosion problems), and their disadvantages (cold flow, cold temperature embrittlement, heat distortion, low abrasion resistance, relatively low compressive strength), it becomes obvious that fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) provides all the physical advantages and properties while eliminating or materially reducing the disadvantages of the non-reinforced plastics.

FRP's properties of light weight, ease of handling and installing, high dielectric strength, corrosion resistance with great compressive strength combine to make it the state-of-the-art material for Glas Mesh FRP abrasion control and electrical insulation products. Glas Mesh FRP products will not cold flow under pressure nor become brittle in cold temperatures, will not soften nor distort from heat, and they have excellent abrasion resistant properties.

Glas Mesh products are fabricated from a precision manufactured, filament wound, ultraviolet protected, FRP epoxy with integral epoxy liner and exterior coating. FRP products' inside diameters approximated the outside diameters of the carrier pipes, thus assuring close fit and requiring minimum clearance during installation. Glas Mesh products meet all known industry recommended standard specifications and properties.

FRP Insulation Spacer: Type No. 120

An extremely strong, non-conductive fiberglass reinforced plastic insulation spacer. Applications: Used by utilities to prevent and or correct electrical shorts caused when buried steel mains contact each other or are in close proximity. Peripheral circumference of 120o. Minimizes shielding effect on cathodic protection systems.


Pipe Dia.
2 2" .08" 12"
3 3" .09" 12"
4 4" .09" 12"
6 6" .12" 12"
8 8" .15" 12"
10 10" .17" 12"
12 12" .19" 12"
16 16" .25" 12"
18 18" .25" 12"
20 20" .25" 12"
24 24" .25" 12"
30 30" .25" 12"
36 36" .25" 12"


Epoxy Seam Sealer / FRP Spacer

Whenever it is deemed desirable to bond or seal the space between the inside surface of our FRP Shields or Spacers and the corresponding pipe surface, we suggest that you use Epi-Seal® Epoxy Seam Sealer for this purpose. Epi-Seal® Seam Sealer is a filled, two-part epoxy that is used for the repair and maintenance of steel tanks and structures.

Recommended Application Procedure:

1. Wire brush or grit blast the inside surface of the FRP Spacer and corresponding pipe surface. 2. A FRP Type #60 Spacer is used when the pipe rests on a flat surface.

3. Check that the surfaces are clean and dry, then mix and apply the Seam Sealer to the prepared FRP Spacer and corresponding pipe surface. For easier mixing in cool weather, warm Seam Sealer to approximately 100°F (38°C). Avoid applying Seam Sealer at temperatures below 50°F (10°C).

4. Secure the FRP Spacer in place and trowel off any excess epoxy from around the edges. Depending on temperature, the epoxy will cure in three to five hours.


5. The weight of the pipe is usually sufficient to keep the FRP Spacer in place until the epoxy cures.

Approximate Usage in Pounds

Size Type #60 Type #120
1/4 lb
1/4 lb
1/2 lb
1/2 lb
3/4 lb
3/4 lb
1 lb
1-1/4 lb
1-1/4 lb
1/2 lb
1/2 lb
1 lb
1 lb
1-1/2 lb
1-1/2 lb
2 lb
2-1/2 lb
2-1/2 lb