Fill-Coat #1 Pipeline Casing Fill by Trenton

A low melt point, hot-installed petrolatum compound that displaces water in the annular space between a casing and internal carrier pipe.


Fill-Coat #1 Pipeline Casing Filler is a petrolatum based corrosion preventative compound used to fill the annulus of pipeline casings. It prevents corrosion by displacing water that is present in the casing and by preventing water from reentering the casing.

Water or water vapor is present in most pipeline casings, making possible galvanic corrosion of the carrier pipe. Also, a “water short” can occur through the water in the casing, allowing cathodic current to flow through the water and on to the pipe in the casing. Under these circumstances, cathodic current is increased and the casing is sacrificed as well. Casing filler prevents this from occurring. Further, in some instances, the pipe may be shorted to the casing through a direct metal-to-metal contact and filling the casing might correct this condition on some occasions. In any case, it is difficult, if not impossible to cathodically protect pipe in casing, so that filling of the casing will protect the pipe from corrosion regardless of the circumstances.

When the casing is filled with Fill-Coat #1, it displaces accumulated water from the casing and prevents new water from re-entering through leaks in the seals or through condensation. Thus, corrosion that might have been occurring is prevented, cathodic current to protect the pipeline in the casing may be reduced, and the sacrifice of the casing by cathodic current flowing through casing water is halted. Hot, liquefied casing filler material can, in some instances, penetrate corroded, scaly pipe to allow a film of casing filler material to coat the shorted contact surfaces of the pipe and casing. Since Fill-Coat #1 is electrically non-conductive, a metallic short may thus be corrected.

After being pumped into the casing, the hot casing filler cools and sets up as a firm gel and remains pliable enough to allow the carrier pipe to be removed if necessary. It is essentially inert and nonvolatile and will remain unchanged indefinitely.

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Fill-Coat #1 is delivered to the jobsite via Trenton’s 3000 and
6000 gallon tank trucks, which are heated and insulated.

  • Prevents galvanic and atmospheric corrosion within casings.
  • Has good “wetting” and adhesion characteristics.
  • Displaces and prevents re-entry of water in casings.
  • Corrects “water shorts.”
  • Protects casing from deterioration.
  • Reduces cathodic protection current rain.
  • Possibly corrects “metallic short.”
  • Satisfies DOT requirements for shorted casing.
  • Carrier pipe can be removed.
  • Inert and nonvolatile.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Delivered and installed by heated Trenton tank trucks.
  • Extra material brought to jobsite by Trenton.
  • Surplus material returned to our facilities at no extra charge.
  • Material installed through meters.
  • Experienced Trenton personnel to perform work.
  • Equipment available for small and large jobs.
  • Storage facilities to insure material availability.

Fill-Coat #1 Application

Fill-Coat #1 Casing Filler is delivered to the jobsite by insulated and heated Trenton tank trucks. It is installed as a heated liquid through one casing vent, until the casing void is filled and material discharges out the other vent. Adequate openings through the casing must be present where the vent is attached so that the flow of Fill-Coat is not unduly restricted. As the casing is being filled, air and water are purged out the opposite vent.

It is preferable that casing vents be installed with the low end vent attached to the bottom of the casing and high end attached to the top of the casing. This makes it possible to remove water from the casing prior to the installation of casing filler by blowing it out with an air compressor or pumping it out with a suction pump. However, the casing may be filled from either end depending on which is most advantageous..

Even though the your order will have been placed with Corrosion Control Products Company, Trenton personnel will be present to perform the work. This includes a team leader, truck drivers and or technicians. Additional personnel are provided when necessary. Complete equipment required for installation is always on hand as well as basic utility tools.

Trenton maintains bulk storage facilities for casing filler material in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in order to have an adequate supply of casing filler materials readily available. In addition, depending on job requirements, Trenton maintains and has available additional tank trucks. Trenton also has the ability to transport bulk amounts via railroad tank cars.


Specific Gravity at 60°F
Pour Point
Flash Point

Dark brown
0.80 - 0.90
100 - 120°F
300°F min

Quantity Requirements

Pipe x Casing Size
4 x 8
6 x 10
8 x 12
10 x 14
12 x 16
14 x 20
16 x 20
20 x 24
22 x 26
24 x 30
26 x 30
30 x 34
30 x 36
36 x 42
40 x 46
42 x 48
48 x 54