180 Series Digital Multimeters by Fluke

Precision Performance in Rugged Handheld Design Models 187 & 189.

Think About Working with the World's Smartest Meter

Introducing the new Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeter 
Check out the features and you'll see we've enhanced the performance beyond any other handheld meter on the planet. Like faster readings. Extended ranges. Lower DC volts. Dual displays. Broader capacitance range. The ability to download data to your PC. And a lot more. No wonder more people prefer Fluke meters over any other brand. Anywhere. So make a smart move. Discover the world's smartest meter — the Fluke 180 Series.




Key Features
  • 0.025% basic DC accuracy.
  • 50,000-count resolution with instant readings enables detailed analyses.
  • 100 kHz ac bandwidth opens the possibilities of modern applications not possible with less capable DMMs.
  • Internal memory allows for stand alone logging of measurement changes (up to 3 days) indentifying stable and unstable periods with a real-time stamp.
  • MIN MAX to record and timestamp values in real-time.
  • 250 µS Fast MIN MAX for peak transient capture.
  • Temperature readings in ºC or ºF using optional K-type thermocouple.
  • Enhanced ranges, such as dc voltage measurements down to 10 µV, and capacitance up to 50,000 µF.
  • Multiple reading display with bargraph has two-level backlight.
  • The Fluke 187 and 189 both have on-line logging capabilities when connected to a PC. The 189 has the additional cabability of logging 995 readings in a stand-alone application for later download to a PC.

TPAK™ Hanging Meter Kit
Hang your Fluke 180 Series meters by a magnet or strap hanger with the optional TPAK accessory.
Lock your Fluke 180 Series meters in place with the optional LPAK80-4 accessory.

FlukeView® Forms Software

FlukeView® Forms Software is the easy way to document, store and analyze measurements from your Fluke Digital Multimeter. Use it with:

  • Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeters (Model FVF-SC2)
  • Fluke 87-IV & 89-IV Digital Multimeters (Model FVF-SC1)
  • Fluke 53-II & 54-II Thermometers (Model FVF-SC1)

 Now you can get the professional looking documents you need and data analysis that is much more in-depth than from a meter alone. FlukeView Forms records, charts and graphs data to help you perform in-depth analysis.

And it's so easy to use. FlukeView Forms comes with both standard and customizable forms. You can use them immediately or customize the format to fit your specific applications. Once your form is standardized, it can be easily used by less trained staff. If you prefer another brand of measurement analysis software, FlukeView Forms can easily port your data to the program of your choice.

Additional information about FlukeView® Forms Software



Extended Specifications

Extended Specifications

This document is only available on-line. Click here to read the Extended Specifications document (pdf, 50 KB).


Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeters

Primary Digital Display

50,000 Count

Analog Display

51 Segment Bargraph

IEC 61010 Rating

CAT III - 1000V / CAT IV - 600V


Maximum Voltage: 1000V
Accuracy: ± (0.025%)
Maximum Resolution: 0.001 mV

ACV (Trms)

Maximum Voltage: 1000V
Accuracy: ± (0.4%)
Maximum Resolution: 0.001 mV

DC Current

Maximum Current: 10A
Accuracy: ± (0.15%)
Maximum Resolution: 0.01 µA

AC Current (Trms)

Maximum Current: 10A
Accuracy: ± (0.75%)
Maximum Resolution: 0.01 µA


Maximum Resistance: 500 MΩ
Accuracy: ± (0.05%)
Maximum Resolution: 0.01


0.01 nF - 50,000 µF


0.5 Hz to 1000 kHz

Temperature in ºC & ºF

-200ºC to 1370ºC ( optional K-type thermocouple)



IEC 1010-1 safety

What the IEC 1010-1 safety standard means to you .

As electrical systems grow more and more complex, spikes, transients, surges, and sudden overvoltage events become more common. These can trigger a sequence of events that may lead to serious injury. Which is why test equipment must be designed to protect people who work in this high-voltage high-current environment.

The IEC 1010 safety standard was established to define four overvoltage categories (CAT I, CAT II, CAT III, and CAT IV) based on the magnitude of danger from transient impulses.

The new Fluke 180 Series DMMs feature enhanced protection to IEC 61010 overvoltage category III for voltages up to 1000V and Category IV for voltages up to 600V. This helps protect from transients in three-phase distribution systems, including:

  • Single-phase commercial lighting.
  • Equipment in fixed installations, such as switch gear and polyphase motors.
  • Bus and feeder in industrial plants.
  • Lighting systems in larger buildings.
  • Appliance outlets with short connections to the service entrance.

Lifetime Warranty

 Now when you purchase a Fluke digital multimeter, not only do you get a test tool known for its unsurpassed quality, reliability, accuracy, and ruggedness, you also get a Lifetime Warranty with most models. That means for as long as the original purchaser owns the product, Fluke will repair or replace the meter according to the conditions specified in the warranty.

The following meters include lifetime warranties from Fluke:

  • Fluke 180 Series
  • Fluke 80 Series III
  • Fluke 70 Series II and 70 Series III
  • Fluke 20 Series II and 20 Series III
  • Fluke 25 and 27


Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeter Models, Options & Accessories


Available Models

Fluke 187 & 189

True rms Digital Multimeter includes:

  • Hardware Users Manual

  • 4 AA Batteries

  • Silicone Test Leads (TL71

Supplemental Material:

  • Registration Card

  • Cal Practices Document

  • CD-ROM Users' Manual (16 languages)

  • Getting Started Manua

  • Calibration Certification Sheet


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Available Accessories and Options


Accessory Type

Model Name

Accessory or Option Description



Pressure / Vacuum Module (0 to 350 PSI) 


63" Alligator Clip Test Lead Set 

Cases & holsters 




Soft Case DMM 


Meter Hanging Kit 


Soft Case 


Tool bag 

Current Clamps 


Clamp-on AC/DC Current Probe 


Clamp-on AC/DC Current Probe 



Thermocouple Module 


Universal Temperature Probe 

Test Leads,
Probes & Clips


High Frequency Probe, 500 MHz 


Double Banana Plug Kit 


Test Lead Holder 


Retractable Tip Test Lead Set  


Premium DMM Test Lead Assembly 


TL75 Hard Point™ Test Lead Set


Electronic Test Probes with Replacement Tips 


61 cm (24') Patch Cord  


91 cm (36") Patch Cord 


Mini-Hook Test Leads 


Mini-Pincer Test Leads  


1 Manufacturers suggested U.S. list price. Applies to U.S. purchases only.
Contact Farwest for specific details, options, and prices.