Model ADI-100 GPS Controlled Current Interrupter SESCO

Durable and Totally Solid State.

What makes this current
interrupter like no other?


1. Field Tested. This unit has been used in the field for over five years. The testing has shown the reliability of the hardware and software. IT WORKS! 
2. No more synchronization. Once the unit has been programmed for the schedule and times that are to be used, it will operate at the precise time for weeks. This unit has been operational for over 6 weeks at one site.

3. Will interrupt either AC or DC. This allows the user to interrupt individual pipelines, or the entire output of the rectifier on the DC, secondary or primary side of the rectifier unit.

4. The last schedule is maintained in the internal RAM. Should the power of the rectifier be interrupted, the interrupter unit will return to operation once the AC Power has been restored to the rectifier.

5. No power loss from the source. The source of interruption is totally solid state. The resistance of the connection will only be that of the connection cables which are No. 4 welding cables. This means that once the connection is made, the current drop from the unit will be insignificant.

6. User Friendly. Setting the schedule is very easy, and intuitive to learn.

7. Reliable. This unit is built to last and provide trouble-free operation for many years.

8. Compatible. Sesco has made the ADI-100 compatible with other units. Call Farwest for information.


  • Clock Accuracy: 100% during GPS lock
  • Clock Drift: 0.003% per ºC during satellite obscurity
  • Time: Updated once per second
  • Interruption Cycle: 0.1 sec. to 3600 sec. (1 hour); NEW! - Combine seconds and 0.1 seconds.
  • 24-Hour Timer: Sets time of day to start and stop interruption
  • 28-Day Calendar: Sets which days to interrupt
  • Interruption Devices: Solid state DC/AC
  • Interruption Capacity: 2000 Watts / NEW! - Up to 140 Volts / Up to 100 Amps Max
  • Battery-Backed RAM: 10-year battery life; maintains last schedule
  • Serial Port: Download schedule
  • Resynchronize: Never needed!
  • Display: 4-line x 20-column LCD
  • Keypad: 16-button
  • Power Consumption:  < 1.8 watts
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 150°F
  • Power Supply: 80V to 240 V AC or 12 V DC
  • Case: Pelican enclosure
  • Color: Low-visibility gray
  • Cables: Included.