Graphite Anodes by Farwest Corrosion

Center-Connected, Treated Graphite Anodes for Cathodic Protection

Graphite anodes have been a standard for cathodic protection for many years. They are considered a reliable impressed current anode and are used extensively throughout the industry. Low in cost, graphite anodes, used in conjunction with coke breeze backfill, provide long-term performance characteristics for many cathodic protection applications.

Available in rod form, Farwest machines the anodes for an internal center connection and then impregnates each anode with paraffin wax to enhance the performance of the graphite and to extend the life of the anode. Factory supplied resin impregnation is also available at an added cost.

After the treating process, the anodes are ready for the cable-to-anode connection. The customer specified cable is soldered to a custom 1/2” threaded brass connector. This connector is installed into the pre-tapped anode and tightened to a specified torque. The “connected” anode is then tested to verify that the anode-to-cable connection falls below 0.004 ohms (4 milliohms). The connection is then sealed with an electrical sealing compound, a foam buffer (to compensate for internal sealant expansion), and is capped with a two-part epoxy.

Several types and sizes of customer specified cable are available for installation in the graphite anode. Cable size ranges from #10 AWG to #6 AWG. We recommend High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) insulation or Halar™ / HMWPE insulation for high chloride environments.


Connection Method: The anode cable is soldered to a threaded brass connector, which is then screwed into a tapped hole in the anode. After tightening to a specific torque value, the connection is sealed with Novoid A electrical sealant, a foam expansion joint and then epoxy.

Available Sizes

Anode Size Treated Weight Approx. Area
3” x 60” 26 lbs 4.0 sq ft
4” x 80” 64 lbs 7.0 sq ft
Please provide the following ordering information: 
  • Anode quantity
  • Anode size
  • Cable size, insulation type and length. Suggested sizes, depending on field factors, are #10, #8 & #6 AWG copper cable. Insulation types include High Molecular Polyethylene (HMWPE), or dual insulated Halar/HMWPE or Kynar/HMWPE for high chloride environments.
  • Optional or special requirements such as heat shrink sleeves or extended epoxy caps.