GTS-80 Global Transmission Sleeve Protects up to 80°C, by Canusa-CPS

Girth-weld protection of pipelines at elevated temperatures to 80°C.

Product Description

The GTS-80 Global Transmission Sleeve by Canusa-CPS provides superior corrosion protection and excellent bonding on pipelines operating up to 80°C. GTS-80 has been designed with a unique adhesive technology that remains “open” longer than traditional adhesives. Also, special surface active agents allow bonding to lower surface energy coatings (such as polypropylene). As a result, lower preheat temperatures are required to attain true adhesive wet-out, and superior bonding to PE, PP and FBE surfaces is achieved.

Features & Benefits
  • Superior Force Cured Epoxy Method: Canusa’s proven method of force curing the epoxy primer to the steel allows the installer to “pre-inspect” the joint prior to sleeve application. The epoxy will not be displaced during the aligning and shrinking stages of the sleeve installation. This provides the assurance that the pipe is fully protected. Canusa’s epoxy primer can be applied to an even, nominal 150 μm (6 mil) thickness for maximum corrosion protection.

  • Unique Adhesive Technology: Canusa's unique adhesive technology allows for lower installation pre-heat temperatures and superior bonding to PE, PP and FBE coatings. The adhesive has been formulated to bond directly to the main line coating; epoxy is applied to the steel only. The result is a superior bond to the substrate, easier application and significant cost savings.

  • Flexible Installation: Canusa GTS-80 can be used as a 2-layer or 3-layer sleeve system at the same low pre-heat temperature. For added flexibility, CanusaWrap bulk rolls are also available. Consult your Canusa representative to review your specific project requirements.

  • Long Term Corrosion Protection: Canusa GTS-80 Sleeves provide superior corrosion protection because of the high performance system approach. This combination provides a protective coating with the structural integrity of a seamless tube, providing excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment and excellent durability against abrasion and chemical attack. The result is effective, long term protection against corrosion.

  • Saves Time & Money: Time is saved in three ways; lower preheat means less time heating; epoxy on the steel only, means less time applying the epoxy; and the pre-attached closure means less time handling, positioning and installing the sleeve. The overall system minimizes installation time and labor costs while promoting high production rates.


Product Selection Guide

Typical Product Properties

Epoxy Primer

Canusa GTS-80 requires E-Primer epoxy on the cut-back area and 10 mm (0.5") onto the adjacent pipe coating.

  • E-Primer Epoxy Primer Kits:  The E Primer kit includes measured quantities of base resin and cure, a stirring stick, applicator pad or roller and gloves. The kit contains sufficient primer for up to 1 square meter (10 sq. ft) of coverage. For example: 1 kit is sufficient for a 91 5mm (36") diameter pipe with a 300mm (12") total cutback.
  • Bulk Epoxy E-Primer: Bulk epoxy components must be ordered separately. The mixing ratio for the E Primer is 4 parts base, l part cure by volume, and 6.3 parts base, 1 part cure by weight. Pumps are available to facilitate mixing operation. Average coverage for bulk primers is 20 square meters per U.S. gallon, (220sq.ft/U.S. gallon).

Safety: MSDS E Primer Base, MSDS E Primer Cure


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