High Silicon Iron Specialty Anodes by Anotec

Small & Specialty Anodes for Impressed Current Applications

Anotec small or specialty anodes are for uniqe cathodic protection applications such as wall-mount, suspension or more.  

Chemical Composition:

Silicon: 14.20 - 14.75%
Chromium: 3.25 - 5.00%
Manganese: 1.50% max
Carbon: 0.70 -1.10%
Copper: 0.50% max
Molybdenum: 0.20% max

"Chill Cast" in Metal Molds

Anotec uses the "chill cast" method of manufacturing, which assures consistent weight, greater density, less flake graphite grain boundary, and lower chemical segregation than sand cast anodes. The Anotec chill cast structure is similar to "spin cast" tubular anodes.

Accelerated corrosion tests confirm that Anotec chill cast anodes perform significantly better (up to 19%) than sand cast anodes in chloride and sulfate environments. Test reports are available on request.


Specialty anodes are provided in the following shapes and sizes:

Model Connection Diameter Length

Weight (Pounds)

3B6 (Bulet) Threaded steel stud 3" 6" 12 
12B15 (Pancake) Caulked lead 12" 1.5" 40
12K2 (Pancake) Threaded steel stud 12" 2" 55
6B3 (Button) Caluked lead 6" 3" 18
1F9-S1 (Stick) Caulked lead (1 end) 1.1" 9" 2
1F9-S2 (Stick) Caulked lead (both ends 1.1" 9" 2
2009 (Tubular) Zinc anchor 2" 9" 4.4
2212 (Tubular) Zinc anchor 2.2" 12" 8