Innercoat for Pipeline Reconditioning by Trenton

An all-purpose pipe coating with excellent adhesion and wetting to protect pipelines and irregular metal surfaces from corrosion.


Trenton Innercoat protects straight pipe or irregular metal surfaces from corrosion. It can be used for new services, field patching, weld cutbacks and pipeline reconditioning. It is a blend of microcrystalline waxes designed to provide the most desirable corrosion resistance, adhesion and wetting characteristics. It is hot-applied directly to the pipe surface and is always over-wrapped with a proper Trenton wrapper depending on the type of application. Its ease of application and “forgiving” character in difficult applications make it an ideal all-purpose pipe coating.


  • An effective pipe coating proven by over 50 years of field use
  • Excellent corrosion barrier
  • Low moisture absorption and transmission
  • Excellent dielectric barrier
  • Excellent wetting and adhesion properties
  • Excellent ductility
  • Permanently inert
  • Resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soils
  • Easy to apply
  • Compatible with other coating materials
  • Can be reheated without altering composition
  • No primers required
  • No waiting before backfilling
  • No dangerous fumes
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic
  • Packaged in convenient 7 1/2 lb. blocks or 47 lb. box


Application Procedure

Clean pipe surface free of loose rust and scale, loose coating, dirt, grease, moisture and other foreign matter. Heat Innercoat to between 250° and 350°F in summer and between 350° and 500°F in winter to ensure proper adhesion. Then pour or brush Innercoat directly onto the clean and dry surface. For straight pipe use the “granny rag” method. Once Innercoat is applied, wrap with Guard-Wrap. A thin coating of Innercoat can then be applied over the Guard-Wrap for additional protection.


47 lb box
7-1/2 lb blocks (10 per case), 75 lbs/case
7-1/2 lb.blocks, quartered (10 per case), 75 lbs/case 





Specific gravity at 77°F

.88 to .94

Flash point, min


Melting point

160°F to 175°F

Penetration at 77°F


Dielectric strength

100 volts/mil


Trenton Innercoat MSDS

Quantity Requirements

Pipe Size
Diameter in inches
Pounds/100 ft
Square yards/100 ft




6" 75 27
8" 100 35
10" 125 44
12" 150 53
16" 200 69
18" 225 76
20" 250 84
22" 275 93
24" 300 102
26" 325 110
30" 375 135
34" 425 144
36" 450 153