Integra SSA Isolation Gasket by APS

Electrically isolates effectively for all pipeline and piping applications.


The Integra SSA Cathodic IsolationGasket is manufactured from proprietaryG-FORCE 2000, a special glass epoxy material with an impressively high compression strength.

  • No stainless/G10 laminated material to potentially delaminate.
  • No stainless subject to rust in harsh environment.
  • ANSI 150# to 15000# ratings.
  • Stainless Steel Spring-Reinforced Teflon seal is standard. 
  • Seals are removable and replaceable.
  • Teflon seals are larger width and thickness.
  • Composition of Integra SSA gasket is of proprietary G-Force 2000 material with a compressive strength of 91,000 psi.
  • Seals are glass reinforced to minimize cold flow characteristics.
  • Integra gaskets are manufactured in .250 inch material.
  • With no metal, gaskets weigh less.
  • Why use a cathodic isolating gasket with a metal core?  If the G-10 were compromised the gasket would short out.


Severe Service Cathodic Isolation

When used with isolating sleeves and washers, the Integra SSA is effective in eliminating electrical conductivity and also in preventing corrosion that results from contact between two dissimilar metals.

Electrically isolates effectively for all pipeline and piping applications.

The gasket is designed for severe pressure and temperature applications,  and ensures a stringent seal in volatile applications.


Spring Energized Teflon Sealing Characteristics

The strength and reliability of the IntegraSSA makes it a perfect replacement for a missing or faulty RTJ gasket.  The o-ring is placed in board of the RTJ groove.

Composition is of proprietary G-FORCE2000 material with a compressive strength of 91,000 PSI.

APS Integra SSA gaskets have no metal core substrate material as part of its sealing and mechanical application.  It costs less and weighs less than other gaskets with a metal core.



Mismatched and misaligned flangesare easily sealed with the Integra SSA.

Stainless Steel Spring-fortified Teflon seal uses a glass reinforced Teflon® with low cold flow characteristics. Also available in Viton.

These Gaskets are constructed from an extremely high compressive strength material formulated for high temperatures.Integra SSA gaskets are manufactured in 1/4 inch thick material.


General Physical Properties Units Value
Rockwell Hardness M Scale 114
Moisture Absorption % 0.10
Flexural Strenghts PSI 80,000
Tenisle Strenght LW PSI 61,000
Compressive Strenghts Flatwise PSI 91,000
Maximum Operating Temperature 400°


The continuous operating temperature is 400° F, 240° C in mechanical applications. This material meetsNEMA Fiberglass and MIL-1-24768/3, Type GEB. Material Tested: 0.250 thickness.


Integra SSA gaskets are manufactured to accommodate RTJ, full and raised face flanges. All kit components include eitherG-10 or Mylar sleeves and G-10 isolating washers when Integra SSA gaskets are installed.


The standard thickness of the gasket is as follows:

1/4” thick gasket.