IonX Submersible Electrodes by M.C. Miller

Designed for Immersion in Liquid Electrolytes
IonX Submersible Reference Electrodes
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IonX Submersible Reference Electrode with Wire
 MC Miller IonX Cat. # 14640
Integrates with an MCM Submersible Adapter.
MCM Submersible Adapters of various lengths are available, priced separately.
 MC Miller IonX Cat. # 14645
Has an integral sealed wire (length & gauge of wire to be specified by customer, priced separately).
Call for pricing.
Features & Benefits
  • Designed specifically for immersion in liquid electrolytes.
  • Zero leakage from electrode.
  • Zero contamination of electrode by electrolyte.
  • Half-cell potential independent of electrolyte salinity (seawater, brackish water, fresh water, etc.)
  • No need to adjust readings to the copper sulfate scale.

Specifications & Ordering


Catalog No. Max Dia. Length Weight
IonX Submersible, Cat # 14640 1.00" 8.75" 1.0 lb
IonX Submersible, Cat # 14645 1.00" 9.25" 1.0 lb