Marine Industry

Marine vessels and structures are particularly at risk of corrosion due to the effects of seawater on unprotected steel.  Coatings are always the first line of defense and cathodic protection, for submerged steel, is a necessity as coatings degrade or are damaged.  Cathodic protection can be extremely effective in extending the life of critical marine infrastructures such as ships, boats, barges, offshore structures, piers, pilings, docks, piping, and similar.

Because seawater is very corrosive, the requirement for effective cathodic protection systems is even more critical.  Designs must consider issues not seen with other structures.   These considerations include elevated CP current needs, temperature variations, tidal flow or water movement, and extreme environmental conditions.

Farwest has served the marine industry for over five decades and has provided effective solutions and systems for a variety of marine structures.  In addition, we also provide marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) for ship or structure intake piping to keep damaging marine organisms at bay.

As a leader in cathodic protection and corrosion control solutions, we are here to help you deal with the difficulties caused by marine corrosion.  Our reputation for integrity, service and quality makes Farwest  the choice for the right product, the right solution and the right people.