Mark V Heavy Traffic Test Boxes by Bingham & Taylor

Engineered specifically for heavy traffic applications, it will not degrade like concrete, so Total Cost of Ownership is less.


Our new Mark V is as cast iron replacement box to the G05 concrete box. It delivers a much lower Total Cost of Ownership than conventional concrete products.



  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership over 20 year period
  • Light weight better for employees/installers, fewer injuries, light enough to satisfy employee weight lift restrictions
  • Fewer workman’s comp complaints
  • Cast iron less likely to chip or break during installation and while in use (vehicle traffic loads)
  • Safety – lids and boxes more durable and secure. 
  • Installation process is more efficient and less expensive
  • Lids and boxes are durable and secure while providing easy access.
  • Meets H-20/HS-20 heavy duty traffic load and airport / runway load requirements.
  • Quick turnaround on custom lids
  • High quality USA Made product
  • Reduced inventory costs


  • Cast Iron replaces less durable concrete.
  • Heavy traffic design 4” deep skirt.
  • New Pick Holes
  • Easy installation, no concrete apron required.
  • Paving adapters / r isers available: 1“, 2”, 3“.
  • B&T offering 20 year Warranty on factory material/workmanship defects
  • Major weight advantage: Mark V weighs 34 lbs; concrete weighs 70% more: 58 lbs.
  • Lids available: Standard Lid w/ 2” skirt (16 lbs), Heavy Duty Lid w/ 4” skirt (20 lbs), Locking Lid (16 lbs)
  • Custom lids for all your needs: WATER, SEWER, TEST, CP TEST, ANODE, GAS, etc. 
  • Performance rating: meets AASHTO M306 and FAA AC 150/5320-6E load requirements.
  • Universal design: one box for both round and triangle lids.

Mark V Heavy Traffic Test Box Components



Mark V 10” Lid Standard

16 lbs

Mark V 10” Lid Standard

16 lbs

Mark V 10” Lid Heavy
w/ 4” Skirt “WATER”


20 lbs

Mark V 10” Lid Heavy
w/ 4” Skirt “CPTEST”


20 lbs

Mark V 10” Lid Heavy Locking
“WATER” w/ bar & bolt


16 lbs


Pavement Rises 

Mark V 10” Paving Adapter
1” Height (aka Riser /Grade Ring)

7 lbs

Mark V 10” Paving Adapter
2” Height (aka Riser /Grade Ring)

15 lbs

Mark V 10” Paving Adapter
3” Height (aka Riser /Grade Ring)

available on



Mark V 10” Rim Heavy
(Without Flange)


34 lbs

Mark V 10” Rim Heavy
(With Flange)


44 lbs


MARK V Traffic Boxes

The following is a compilation of suggestions and procedures seen and used by various utility companies and in no way should circumvent those procedures currently approved and in use by the same.  It is further suggested that these guidelines be submitted for approval by the utility prior to installation.  At this point these are merely suggestions.

Traffic box installation procedure for installation in concrete or pavement for full traffic application. 

  1. Valves and valve boxes shall be set plumb. Each valve box shall be centered over the valve it serves so that operating nut is in center of box, with the  top of the box brought flush with the finished grade. After being placed in proper position, earth shall be filled in around each valve and valve box and  thoroughly tamped (to meet local specifications).
  2. Field preparation
     Prepare the excavation approximately 3-6" deeper than the overall height of the eclosure (check local specifications for required depths depending on light or full traffic use).
              a) For driveways, parking lots and off-roadway applications where subject to occasional non-deliberate light vehicle: 3-6" gravel
              b) For full traffic conditions: 6" gravel minimum 
    • The diameter of the excavation should be determined by adding 12" to the diameter of the MARK V box (6" all around).
  3. Installation Reccommendations 
    Per above, place compacted clean crushed rock, coarse gravel, or angular stone material below box for drainage. 
    • The compacted material should be leveled so the top of the box is flushed to grade. 
  4. Backfilling
    Place select backfill into the excavation in 4" ot 6" lifts and compact to finish grade.
     NOTE: The final 6” to 8” of the excavation can be finished with or without concrete collar, depending on appllication.
              c)  If the Mark V flanged version is specified (CUL10RHVYF) Concrete ring is optional. All field preperation and compaction remain. 
              d) If the Mark V standard box is specified (CUL10RHVY), the collar may be  necessary based on local specification requirements.  This may be accomplished by providing a form around the enclosure that would produce a  six-inch minimum wide collar.   
  5. Once complete, finish grade all around MARK V box as desired.