LC-4.5 Accessories by M.C. Miller

Accessories for MC Miller LC-4

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MC Miller LC-4 Accessories
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Model 5803 External Shunt for LC Series Multimeters by M.C. Miller
Model 5800 External Shunt for LC Series Multimeters by M.C. Miller


Carrying Case 

Made of heavy, water resistant simulated leather, this carrying case leaves your hands free to perform tests. A quick opening snap permits ready access to the instrument, and a belt loop is included with a snap fastener.



Electrode Extension Adapter    
Designed to save effort (and your back) as well as to protect you from snakes and poison ivy, the MCM electrode extension adapter firmly mates with the base of the meter by the use of Velcro pads. The base has a threaded socket which connects to either input terminal by means of a test lead pigtail with a banana plug. Any MCM intermediate electrode extension can be screwed into the socket.



Two shunts which plug directly into the 20 mV range of the LC-4 Meter are available:

  • 0.001 Ohm / 50 A/1 mV = 1 A (measure up to 20 A on the 20 mV range).
  • 0.1 Ohm / 2 A / 100 mV= 1 A (measure up to 200 mA on the 20 mV range).