M.C. Miller, Soil Box

For quick and accurate measurement of resistivity of a sample of soil, water or other electrolyte. For field or laboratory use.
MC Miller Soil Box
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Product Name Qty
Model 37006 Small Soil Box by M.C. Miller
Model 37008 Large Soil Box by M.C. Miller
For Use With
  • Any model of MCM. multi-combination meter
  • Nilsson Model 400 or 400A soil resistance meter
  • Megger
  • Ammeter and voltmeter or milliammeter and Millivoltmeter with external battery


  • Made of Plexiglas
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Current plates are made of stainless steel
  • Potential pins made of brass and easily removed.

Dimensions, W x L x D

Cat. # 37008 - Large
Cat. #  37006 - Small
1.50" x 8.75" x 1.25"
1.16" x 4.39" x .94"
3.937 x 22.23 x 3.190 cm
2.946 x 11.15 x 2.3876 cm

The dimensions of the box have been chosen so that the measured resistivity,- when the box is filled level, can be expressed in ohm-centimeter, which is universally accepted terminology. When used with any MCM multi-combination meter (or separate volt and ammeter) and an external battery, the resistivity of the sample can be calculated as follows:

Resistivity = (change in potential between pins or delta V) / (change in current or delta I)

Typical Meter Connections

Resistivity of soil or water by soil box method using the MCM B3D digital multimeter. Resistivity of soil or water by soil box method using an earth resistivity measuring set, such as Nilsson Model 400 Soil Resistance Meter.
Resistivity of soil or water by soil box method using the MCM B3A2 analog multimeter Resistivity of soil or water by soil box method using a combination of meters and batteries
Soil Box Test Leads

Cat. # 37009: 2 foot long, 2 black, 2 red, with banana plug and pointed plug ends.


  1. When using multimeters, be sure readings on both meters are obtained simultaneously.
  2. Potential must be in volts and current must be in amperes to obtain result in ohm-cm.
  3. Multiplication factor for the MCM Soil Box is 1.
  4. When used with the Nilsson 400 Soil Resistance Meter or Megger, no calculations are necessary because the multiplication factor is 1 ohm-cm. Therefore, the resistivity value of the sample can be read directly off the meter dial. Refer to the instruction sheet included with each meter for additional information.