MMO Linear Wire Anodes by Farwest Corrosion

Ideal Product for Low-current, Distributed Cathodic Protection System Needs

Farwest Corrosion’s MMO linear wire anode is an ideal product for use when a low-current, distributed cathodic protection system is needed. Typical uses for this style of anode include the protection of tank bottoms, pipeline systems and other underground structures.

At the heart of the anode system is high-grade, titanium wire with a Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) catalyst coating, which serves as the anode. There are three choices of anode wire diameters, which dictates the current output rating for the anode.

The anode wire is prepackaged in a porous, non-woven fabric “sock” that contains calcined petroleum coke breeze to reduce the resistance-to earth of the anode circuit and to increase the life of the anode. The sock diameter is approximately 1.5 inches and is installed right from the factory provided reel into the trench. 

Material Specification:
Substrate: ASTM B348 Grade I / II Titanium
Catalyst: Mixed Metal Oxide
Cable: #6 AWG cable with either HMWPE or Kynar/HMWPE insulation.
MMO wire-to-cable connections are crimped at 5 to 10 meter intervals as required 

Product Advantages:
Easy handling and installation
Cost effective
Up to 50-year service life depending on output

Anode Header Cable
The header cable, in parallel to the anode wire, is #6 AWG stranded copper with either high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) insulation or a dual insulation of Kynar/HMWPE. The MMO anode wire is connected to the header cable via a high-pressure crimp connector to ensure a low resistance connection. That connection is then sealed in a splice kit with epoxy resin to prevent water intrusion.

Connection Diagram

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 Anode Header Cable

MMO wire diameter 1.0mm 1.5mm 3.0mm
Titanium substrate ASTM B348 Grade I / II
Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst Ir-Ta
 Est. current output, 20 years  20 mA/ft (67mA/m) 27 mA/ft (89mA/m)  59 mA/ft (195mA/m)
 Est. current output, 30 years  13 mA/ft (45mA/m)  19 mA/ft (65mA/m)  39 mA/ft (130mA/m)
 Est. current output, 50 years  8.5 mA/ft (28mA/m)  12.5 mA/ft (41mA/m)  23 mA/ft (78mA/m)
 Backfill   Calcium Petroleum Coke 
Sock material    Porous non-woven fabrics 
Sock dimension    1.5 Inches (38 mm) diameter 
Lenght per reel    492 feet (150 meters). Customized lengths can be provided. 
    Customized reel lengths and current output variations are available at request. 


Standard Reel Specification

  Anode Wire Type  


  Net Weight  

  Gross Weight  

Reel Dimensions

1.0 mm diameter
1.5 mm diameter
3.0 mm diameter


1,389 lbs.
(630 Kgs)

1,620 lbs 
(735 Kgs)

48” x 48” x 39”
(1,200 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm)