MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1+INT1 Remote Monitoring for Test Stations with GPS Synchronized Interruption

Designed To Fit Entirely Inside a Standard CP Test Station, The RMU1+INT1 is a Small, Powerful Combination for Remote Monitoring of CP Single or Double Coupons and Structure Bond Applications with GPS-Synchronized Interruption.


A true hidden talent! Designed to fit entirely under a standard CP test station, the RMU1 is a small, powerful tool for remote monitoring of CP single or double coupons and structure bond applications. Multiple analog measurement channels provide accurate results for all required AC and DC parameters. An easy to replace battery provides up to 10 years of reliable operation and data transmission and helps maximize lightning isolation.

RMU1 Generation 4 adds two-way communication enabling it to receive commands and to control the new INT1 accessory device for GPS-synchronized interruption. Technicians can use any web enabled device to configure the interruption process, view CP performance data and generate reports.

The INT1 interrupter can be added at any time and is quickly connected to the RMU1 with a single cable. INT1 automatically pairs with the RMU1 and can remain permanently installed, eliminating the need for technicians to install portable interrupters or to physically break bonds between pipelines and structures to take off-potential readings.

When combined with the Mobiltex CorView web analytics platform, pipeline operators can implement a network of RMU1+INT1 devices to gain deep insight into the performance of the CP system, generate reports and instantly identify areas of concern.


Key Benefits

  • Fast, simple installation; typically under 20 minutes
  • Configurable as a CP coupon or critical bond remote monitor
  • Multiple analog measurement channels provide accurate measurements for all required AC and DC parameters
  • A user-replaceable battery provides up to 10 years of monitoring, data transmission and helps maximize lightning isolation
  • Satellite or cellular transmission with cost-effective communication plans
  • Intuitive configuration using any web-enabled device
  • Generation 4 hardware platform allows connection of additional external accessory modules
  • *INT1 : 2 DC/AC potential measurement channels and 1 DC/AC current measurement channel
  • *INT1 : 7A maximum for bond/anode current switching
  • *INT1 : +/-31V DC, 22V AC potential range