MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1 LITE Remote Monitoring at Test Stations for Pipe-to-Soil Potential Measurements

Effectively Automate the Collection Pipe-to-Soil Potential Measurement Data from Cathodic Protection (CP) Test Stations in Extreme or Difficult-to-access Locations.


The MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1 LITE enables pipeline operators to quickly and easily equip CP test stations with robust and reliable remote data collection of pipe-to-soil potential measurements.

Offering essential, fit-for-purpose functionality, the RMU1 LITE is an ideal solution to cost-effectively scale IIoT capabilities and gain the benefits that large deployment remote data collection can bring to pipeline operation and maintenance.

Rather than relying on a single, annual measurement of pipe-to-soil potential, pipeline operators can remotely collect multiple data points throughout the year to understand seasonal variations and operational irregularities in CP performance.

The battery-powered RMU1 LITE transmits measurement data via cellular or satellite networks at user-selected intervals to the MOBILTEX CorView web platform helping to dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, the need to travel to distant or difficult-to-access sites to obtain pipe-to-soil measurements.

Technicians can access measurement data from the CorView data and analysis platform using any web enabled device, from virtually any location, to see current and historical measurements, generate reports and perform trending and analysis to identify operational irregularities.


Key Benefits

  • FAST, SIMPLE INSTALLATION — The compact, weather-proof RMU1 LITE is designed to fit entirely inside a standard CP test station and can be installed in about 20 minutes.
  • ENGINEERED FOR AFFORDABLE, HIGH-VOLUME DEPLOYMENT — The RMU1 LITE has been designed to provide essential, fit-for-purpose functionality, enabling pipeline operators to affordably achieve high volume deployment and generate operational data that provides new insights into system dynamics.
  • INSTANT-OFF POTENTIAL MEASUREMENTS — RMU1 LITE provides an instant-off potential measurement, generating additional data to meet regulatory requirements and better manage pipeline assets.
  • REMOTE DUAL-REFERENCE CELL VALIDATION — RMU1 LITE offers the unique capability to obtain separate pipe-to-soil potential measurements from two connected reference cells. This allows technicians to compare the results and validate whether the reference cells are functioning properly.
  • GLOBAL COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES — Available with cellular or satellite communication capability, the RMU1 LITE can transmit data from virtually any location. This helps improve the quality and frequency of data collection, while reducing the need for workers to undertake long, potentially dangerous trips, to remote sites.
  • BUILT TO WITHSTAND THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS — Lightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-30°F to +158°F).
  • LONG-LIFE BATTERY — A user-replaceable battery provides up to 10 years of monitoring and data transmission, and helps maximize lightning isolation.