MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU2 Remote Monitoring for Rectifiers, Test Points and Bonds

Continuous Remote Monitoring Capabilities Easily Installed into a Rectifier Cabinet and Features a Full Range of Configurable Functions to Collect Critical Measurement Data


Gain deep insight into the performance of your CP system with the continuous remote monitoring capabilities of the RMU2. This small, two-piece device can be easily installed into a rectifier cabinet and features a full range of configurable functions to collect critical measurement data. The information can be transmitted via satellite or cellular network as frequently as every few hours to provide a highly detailed view of the CP system and identify short-lived events that may impact CP performance.

When combined with CorView web analytics platform, pipeline operators can use a network of RMU2 devices to instantly evaluate overall CP performance and identify areas of concern.

Key Features

  • Compact, weatherproof devices are designed to be quickly and easily installed in existing rectifier cabinets or test stations
  • Available with satellite or cellular communications for maximum service coverage with economical fixed rate operational communication costs
  • Superior lightning and surge protection
  • Highly accurate and reliable data collection
  • High reliability, long operational life design, low capital equipment cost
  • Operation in -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F) temperatures
  • IP67 sealed enclosure and cabling for harsh environments
  • Fast, simple configuration via PC, iOS or Android app



  • Simple and very quick to install (typically under 1 hour)
  • High reliability, long operational life design
  • Low capital equipment cost
  • Economical fixed rate operational communication costs
  • Satellite or LTE Cellular operation for maximum service coverage
  • Four galvanically isolated analog input channels
  • Each analog channel is bi-polar and installer configurable 150mV (50 and 100mV current shunts), 20V, 165V, and 4-20mA measurement ranges
  • Each analog channel can be configured to read DC or True RMS AC (i.e. induced AC measurements)
  • DC analog channels include >65dB of 50/60Hz AC rejection
  • All analog channels are high impedance and allow direct connection to reference half-cells
  • Analog channel measurement accuracy of ±0.5% DC and ±1% AC FS over -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
  • Programmable low and high alarm window capability on each analog channel with report by exception facilities
  • Scheduled reporting of data based on customer selected plan (every 6 hours, daily, every 2 days, or weekly readings)
  • Each channel has independent very high voltage lightning protection (will survive 20kV 10ms surge)
  • No connection to ground for maximum lightning immunity
  • Internal temperature measurement and reporting
  • Powered exclusively from a user replaceable internal battery for maximum lightning isolation and simplicity
  • Primary battery will last for more than seven years based on readings every 2 days with a transmission every 8 days
  • Primary battery is integral to the device but is user replaceable and readily available
  • Compact two piece mechanical design
  • Termination block assembly is 100mm x 38mm x 38mm (4.0" x 1.5" x 1.5") and environmentally sealed (mounts in rectifier)
  • Antenna transmitter assembly is 97mm x 97mm x 52mm (3.8" x 3.8" x 2.0") and mounts externally with a view of the sky
  • Components connect together wit a single polyurethane cable with small (0.5" diameter) molded waterproof connectors
  • Transmitter includes a bottom side ½" threaded receptacle that mates directly to electrical conduit fittings
  • Easy configuration through a USB PC interface
  • Rectifier GPS position information transmitted to corView host
  • IP67 sealed enclosure and cabling for harsh environments
  • Operation in -40°C to +60°C (-40 to 140°F) temperatures
  • Integral AC line voltage inductive coupling sensor for safe and lightning immune detection of primary line voltage
  • Magnetic door switch / tamper sensor with exception report
  • Optional: 1 year or 8 year internal measurement recorder locally permanently stores all readings sampled every 6 hours

Annotated Photos

The number in the yellow circle corresponds to the numbered explanation on the following list:annotated RMU2

  1. Small, weather-proof transmitter mounts externally with a view of the sky
  2. Durable wide temperature cable with molded miniature waterproof connectors connects the two devices together
  3. Battery powered design simplifies installation and provides greater lightning immunity
  4. Test switch and device status indicator
  5. Terminal block assembly mounts inside of the rectifier, test point, or bond
  6. Exceptional lightning immunity provides long-term reliability
  7. Four galvanically isolated analog input channels
  8. Integral mounting system directly mates with industry standard ½" NPT electrical fittings
  9. Magnetic door / tamper switch
  10. Non-contact AC line voltage presence sensor
    bottom of satellite transmitterbottom of terminal block